Tatiana Seviarynets: On the opposition catch those who watch a lot of BT

October Vitebsk district court fined 700,000 rubles Gaidukova Alexander, who on October 18 publicly insulted the participants of the picket to collect signatures in support of the opposition to the presidential candidates and threatened them with physical violence. Of himself he said that has ties to the KGB and militia, a member of the "group of Lukashenka" and therefore not afraid of any punishment.

At the hearing Alexander Gaidukov appeared with bruises on her face, all the time chewing gum and behaved aggressively towards those who initiated the court case against him:

"I do not know what's naplyatuts these citizens. Do they have the proof, video, something else? After all that — insinuations "

The defendant began by saying that he did not was on October 18 about the Freedom Square, where there are pickets to collect signatures. Then he said that the protesters themselves compulsively approached him, so he signed up for the potential candidates, as it is, they say, a supporter of Alexander Lukashenko signed and will not be.

Of the written explanations that Alexander Gaidukov gave the police after his arrest, Judge Alesia Zharikova yet clear that detained him just outside the picketers. And the policeman Nikolai Yershov, which delayed the bully, also confirmed that he swore and behaved brazenly.

According to testimony Vadim Kuzmin, a member of the initiative group of Yaroslav Romanchuk, an unknown bully terrorizing the protesters for several days:

Suitable and swearing, saying, "You enemy of the people, you bastards, I will kill you!"

"Good and swearing, saying," You enemy of the people, you bastards, I will kill you! "And we are already on the phone taking pictures, they say, will not come to the house, we will slaughter you, we've got a whole group. Again, mats, and selective., Even those I have not heard in the army.

Vadim Kuzmin — a former military man. At first, he tried to call the police to bully tamed. However, in the half hour before the police were driving, every time running away. Finally, Mr. Kuzmin had to use force: Gaidukova he twisted arms and held as long as there came a company car.

The picketers say the bully was released very quickly — he came up a few times, but not foul language, and just doing obscene gestures.

Alexander's mother Gaidukova, which today has come to trial, tried to blame the activists that they did everything wrong — called the police and had to be "first aid" — they say that her son is mentally ill. Gaidukov itself is categorically denied.

No medical documents in the court case was not. In addition, it was found out that Alexander Gaidukov have repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility — respectively, for health reasons, he may be responsible for their actions.

Judge Olesya Zharikova not granted a motion by Vadim Kuzmin, who demanded financial compensation own moral damages, which he estimated at 1,000,000 rubles. The judge also refused to allow journalists to photograph in the courtroom, and before the start of the meeting and protested against this defendant himself, threatening to break the camera.

According to Tatiana Seviarynets, which appeared in court as a witness, such incidents provoked propaganda in the state media, which regularly heard insults at the opposition:

"This is just an isolated case, which was discussed in court. But that's my woman said, "Oh, are standing enemies of the people!" This vsedazvolenasts when offend people who collect signatures for Lukashenko is not, is because of the media. If the President is constantly talking "enemies of the people!" "Thugs", then that repeat-conscious people who only watch television and believe every word of it! "


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