Telling lies and truthful journalism: who to believe, but someone sucks …

Telling lies and truthful journalism: who to trust and who "sucks" ...Country 30-40 years ago, joked about the fact that the Russian news programs from 50% of the time talking about the reports from the field, while the other 50% of the "decaying" West.

Many people with real enthusiasm watched as told in one of the most unusual for those times gears — "International Panorama". The manner of the story about the life of zabugornyh people about political events in foreign countries leading the "International Panorama", especially Alexander Bovin, obviously looked in comparison with the manners of other leading USSR Central Television is very relaxed and informal. Many of this led to some reflection on the fact that if a journalist is really professional, if you want it be able to overcome any barriers arrayed state power, and to show his personal world view, which according to the established canons of Russian journalist from just could not be.

Since then much water has flowed, and now looseness of journalists, also represented by their own journalistic presentation is not enough people are surprised. Instead of the problem with the obvious drawback of disk imaging, our country has the problem of the latest: informative squall. Of course, the abundance of views, investigative journalism, news programs, current affairs programs and more information media product one can an achievement in recent years. But so far not much tendency for the soul, and these people can be fully realized. The abundance of information products does not mean that the quality is stratospheric. This is one example where the amount does not always goes into the quality that we have to think about.

But, apparently, so the problem is solved very simply: if you wish to get information on that or any other subject, it is possible to use not one, but several sources, and based on that of the present dating only to make their own world view. But the solution to this difficulty is not saying. Most modern people admit that experiencing shortage of free time, so just on the physical level is not able to read the materials from various sources. In most cases, they are selected that informative source which it is basically fair. With their choice can not accept other citizens, but because of the ability to provide interactivity begins an open conflict over what kind of a media outlet disk imaging should be considered impartial and which expose the truest obstruction. Often it does not matter which of the topics discussed, raised print media, online information resources, television channels and radio stations, crosses do not own mode of expression or presentation by a different person in terms of specific topics raised, and the comments in the war for the right to be considered the only true only its position on this issue.

Certainly, in this context, the Web, what is called, in front of the whole planet, because, no matter what they read, and it's just a tremendous open field on presentation of informational materials of very different orientation. Here freedom of speech reaches its climax, on the one hand, by all means, have fun, on the other hand raises questions from a particular group of people.

One of the latest is quite hot topics discussed in terms of the development of the information field is the topic about whether journalists should publish and review the information that is at the theoretical level can harm one or another public group or a specific person. With all the readers, listeners and viewers, in other words people who are enthusiastic to please and are intended publication of the information, in fact split into two irreconcilable camps. Some completely and absolutely convinced that the information should be published only such species which in no way will touch anyone's interests (interests of the individual, society and the country), while others tend to believe that if the information is there, it must publish, not paying attention to the likely political incorrectness.

As of the 1st of the examples are not so long ago placed in various news publications, including the "Military Review", the materials about a possible abuse of official capacity commander aerobatic team "Swifts" Valery Morozov. Many readers have expressed outlook over the fact that the mere raising of the subject can do a service not a good Colonel Morozov, and therefore it would be better this topic ignore the claims of the investigation to the pilot in silence. Certainly, such a view has a right to respect, but on the other hand one can read and that are often specific resonance in the press, which appears after a similar publication, helps to stop the arbitrariness in relation to a particular person.

You can, of course, to try to give out only those materials that are "ideologically-tuned" and "well-combed," but if it helps the formation of this pattern of world events. Certainly, when the flow of information sweeping, the hunt to say 'I've had enough! "And begin to miss the days of positive reports from the field and gay persons Tatar Komsomol members in connection with the visit to Moscow. But progress is inherent not only technology, and society, and therefore it is possible, of course, ponostalgirovat a couple of days to find a newspaper reference library of the late 70's, but later anyway impartial reality will prevail.

However, what often happens is that the reality is covered in the media today, not so candid. Sometimes one and the same event is presented in such a way that the ordinary man who decides to read a couple of articles on the same theme in various publications made up memory that journalists practiced in who will give material, more distant from the spirit of the action itself. In an article stating that Obama is not going to the APEC summit in Vladivostok, as Putin himself completely discredited, and in Russia very often human rights are violated in another material — Obama is not going to Vladivostok, as the fear of Putin direct questions on the Syrian and Iranian dilemmas.

This abundance, which is based on journalistic versions can completely annoy readers, listeners, and viewers. But in any business there are stimuli whose existence is unlikely anyone would negotiate. Familiarity with modern information field — it's like swimming in a pond, in one quiet, quiet and range of lilies in the other — splashing, noise, and even own a car and someone decided to rinse.

Is there a happy medium? — For each rhetorical question. Fortunately, the media, versions and views are not so small that if you want "this, just without wings" or "are, but with pearl buttons," that "we seek" … And you can generally: the door — and bolted, the windows — shutters, cable — a knife, antenna — a collection point for the metal, the postman with a newspaper — get out of the house … The choice is always there, and it is a sin not to use.

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