Ten phenomena unexplained for the scientific community

February 6, 2012 9:14

Many people close to death made passage through the light tunnel.  Photo: Photos.com

Many people close to death made passage through the light tunnel. Photo: Photos.com

The process of the development of modern science and its achievements make people more and more to believe that science is able to give an explanation for everything on our planet and the universe. Many of the phenomena of our world have a scientific explanation, but not all the phenomena occurring can be explained by current scientific theories.

For example, science does not give a definite answer to the question about the process of the formation of the universe. Science is also not able to explain how religious beliefs are formed. If we make the leap into the world of the supernatural, will see the unusual phenomena that can not be explained by modern science because scientific methods are not suitable for measuring or studying such phenomena. Look at some of the still unexplained phenomena, and give it conscious of the fact that the very nature of a miracle, and that much remains a mystery.

1. The placebo effect

The placebo effect is a mystery to medicine, confirming the role of consciousness in the physical health and healing. Found that patients, confident in getting medicines to recover, even if they received only a sugar pill. To study this phenomenon, experiments were conducted, called the "double blind" (neither the patient nor the physician investigator knew the real nature of treatment), the expectations of doctors and patients could not exert any influence on the results.

Unfortunately, many years of efficiency and force of the placebo effect were considered unreliable science. Perhaps this is due to the limited scientific methods. However, there are many cases of self-healing, which sometimes even exceeds the effect of the existing medical facilities to heal the physical body.

2. Sixth sense 

These five senses as sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell, are helping people navigate the surrounding physical world. However, there is a sixth sense, a kind of inner strength of perception, known as intuition. The word 'intuition' comes from the Latin word «intueri», which means "the view from the inside." Intuition is the ability to know and understand not using logical reasoning or analysis, it is common to all people, depending on their power of perception.

Popularly speaking, intuition is something perceived as "pre-knowledge" or "pre-being" of something he had not known before. According to a study published in the journal «GEO PRWeek / Burson-Marsteller» in 2006, 62% of managers will decide on their business, rather relying on their intuition than not thinking.

A 2007 study published in the journal «Current Biology», also found that participants experience when they should be answered quickly, have to rely on your intuition. They are much more accurate are the same characters from similar 650 after two and a half seconds to view them.

Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said, "The power of intuitive understanding will protect you from harm until the end of life." Albert Einstein also said that "the most precious thing is intuition."

Where is the source of intuition, where it comes from? The study of human brain showed that a possible answer to this puzzle is the pineal gland. Rene Descartes (1596-1650), the father of modern philosophy, called the pineal gland "located consciousness." The ancient sages of the East also believed that intuition comes from the region of the pineal gland, and believed that it could take the form of knowledge and ideas, and the enlightenment of the soul.


There are many reports of strange and varied experiences that people feel who have had near-death experience. For example, crossing a brightly lit tunnel, meeting with relatives already departed people and a sense of calm and serenity.

In 1976 he recorded the most famous case of "clinical death," Dr. George Rodanayya, it is considered the most improbable. This experience has made Dr. Rodonayya atheist priest of the Eastern Orthodox Church. This case gives us the key to the discovery of the existence of another world beyond human physical world.

While many people have been through a similar experience, science has not been able to explain the phenomenon of near-death. Some scientists are trying to suggest that the experience of being on the verge of death can be attributed to the result of hallucinations in brain damage. But the damaged brain is not the only reason, there is no concrete scientific theory to explain why these people may experience these feelings or explain the changes of life.

4.Neopoznannye flying objects (UFOs)

Name UFO coined in 1952 by U.S. Air Force to identify objects that could not be identified by experts after detection. In popular literature, the word usually means a UFO spacecraft, controlled by aliens.

The first UFO was seen and recorded in China during the Song Dynasty. In the tenth century scientist, warlord Sheng Co. (1031-1095), wrote in his book "recording conversations in Mensi" in 1088 on a flying object in the shape of a pearl, which moved with incredible speed, emitting a blinding light.

Kenneth Arnold, an American businessman, reported that he saw in 1947, near the Cascade Mountains nine brightly glowing objects. Arnold described the object shaped like saucers, as the "pan." His story is extremely interested in the media and aroused great interest of the public.

Since then, the number of UFO increased exponentially. The UFO phenomenon has been studied by both government and independent researchers around the world.

Dr. Josef Hynek (1910-1986), working for the U.S. Air Force, studied the UFO. Hynek originally been set extremely critical, but after examining hundreds of UFO reports over the last thirty years of his point of view has changed.

In the last years of his career Hynek publicly expressed his disappointment that the vast majority of scientists believe the UFO phenomenon is inexplicable, not wanting to admit it, and showing the inflexibility of mind.

5. Dejavu

The phenomenon of "deja vu" [from Fr. — Already seen] this sense of something strangely familiar, something that has happened in a certain place or have experienced at one time event. People can feel very strange in the face with it, as if it had already happened, but understand that faced with this situation before. Research in the field of neurophysiology try to explain these experiences anomaly of memory, brain disease or a consequence of the effects of certain drugs.

In 2008, psychologist Ann Clary (see http://cdp.sagepub.com/content/17/5/353.full) investigated the sense of deja vu in terms of "recognition memory". Alternative explanations for the phenomenon of déjà vu combined with the ability to prophecy, to the memories of past lives, clairvoyant or a harbinger of complete predopredennosti. Whatever the explanation, the deja vu, of course, is a universal phenomenon in the human world, whose main cause is still a mystery.

6. Ghosts

References to ghosts in the classical literature, remember, for example, authors such as Homer and Dante, show that the human experience of the paranormal — an ancient and widespread.

Today places like damn Vmlla Whaley in San Diego, entered into a number of tourist attractions and ghost stories are no longer unusual.

Popular culture is full of movies about ghosts and the traditional science removed from clear explanations of these phenomena. Only the researchers behind the science community, make an effort to determine the significance of life experiences.

The existence of ghosts is deeply rooted in the notion of the presence of other dimensions beyond our physical world and save the soul after death. The researchers of this phenomenon nourish the hope that one day this mystery will be solved.

7. Unexplained disappearances 

We know many strange cases of people disappeared without a trace.

For example, in 1937 a pilot Amelia Earhart and navigator Frederick Noonan disappeared with his plane Lockheed. They came to the island of Howland in the Pacific, where the Coast Guard ship "Itasca" got the message that they have run out of fuel. But because the relationship was difficult, "Itasca" is not able to determine the location of Lockheed.

Soon after Earhart and Noonan sent a message that they still have fuel for half an hour, and the land is not visible. Then the connection was lost. They were not able to splash down, and after many years of searching for traces of them in the ocean were found.

In such cases, despite the considerable efforts of the various organizations and use the best of modern scientific methods, it is impossible to find specific answers about what happened to these people mysteriously disappeared.

8. The Bermuda Triangle 

Bermuda Triangle — the space in the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda, Miami and San Juan in Puerto Rico, where ships and planes continue to be lost, is one of the biggest mysteries in the global scale.

Survivors indicate lag navigation devices, change their function, talk about glowing balls in the sky, the sudden changes in the weather and unjustified and inexplicable appearance of the wall of fog. Frank Flynn in 1956, described it as "unknown mass", which stalled the engine power when his ship went into it.

December 4, 1970 Bruce Dzhernon Jr. met with a special type of fog, surrounded his plane and turned into something supernatural. For many years, scientists have tried to debunk the myth of the Bermuda Triangle. But those who have directly experienced the strange experiences, suggest and strongly insisted that there were things that happened on the sea and in the skies over the Bermuda Triangle, beyond logical comprehension.

9. Bigfoot or Yeti

Bigfoot — one of the most legendary creatures of cryptozoology studied. Bigfoot Bigfoot, or as it is known on the Pacific coast of North America, also known as the Yeti in the Himalayas in Nepal and Tibet or Jovi in Australia.

In 1951, mountaineer Eric Shipton photographed a giant footprint in the Himalayas. Photography, to surprise the world, made a popular story about a snowman. In 1967, footage shot by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin, who they claim to belong to Bigfoot, have been the subject of numerous attempts to expose, on the one hand, and to confirm, on the other.

Anthropologist Grover Krantz studied film Patterson and Gimlin, and concluded that the images are authentic and belong to a very large unknown biped. Because of the lack of evidence of Bigfoot traditional science does not recognize the evidence of its existence. However, the myth is supported by several reports of sightings around the world.

10. Hum

The phenomenon of persistent low-frequency hum noted in many places around the world, especially in the U.S., UK and Northern Europe. The sound that they hear only certain people, known as the "Hum", which is associated with the name of a place where he can hear: Hum Taos (New Mexico, USA), Hum Kokomo (Indiana, USA), Hum Bristol (England) and Hum Lardzh (Scotland).

Those who can perceive the sound, it is often described as the roar of diesel engine idling in the distance. He leads some people to a state of extreme agitation, which has a negative impact on health.

Government agencies around the world have studied the sources of the noise. In the U.S., the first studies began in the 1960s. In 2003, the Department of Food, Environment and Agriculture of the United Kingdom published a report analyzing the low frequency rumble and its impact on victims. However, the results on the locations of the source of noise is very convincing, and the phenomenon remains a mystery.

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