Tereshchenko: We'll get to 125-130 thousand

A potential candidate for president, Viktor Tereshchenko October 22, said his initiative group has gathered 103,800 signatures for the presidential nomination. Earlier overcoming 100000th abroad announced the initiative group of Alexander Lukashenko, Vladimir Neklyayev, Yaroslav Romanchuk and Andrei Sannikov.

Victor Tereshchenko Today in conversation with the "freedom" said his group has set itself an even more ambitious goal:

"We'll get to about 125-130 thousand, to have a certain margin. I remember the campaign of 2001. We then gathered 116,300 signatures. And at a meeting of the Central Election Commission Lidia Yermoshina suddenly says, "Viktor Ivanovich, and you do not have 100,000." I ask: "How to explain it?" She says, "You have a marriage in Brest 25000." I say, "I can see?" And in response: "Why watch? Marriage — and everything." There is no mechanism for how to check. "

I ask the question to Mr. Tereshchenko: "You say you have collected the required number of signatures. But in Minsk hardly see your collector of signatures. How can this be explained? "

Victor Tereshchenko says bet is to visit the apartments:

"This is — in primarily. For example, in Rahachou were all flat. I will be there for 7-8 thousand signatures, and this is a small town. Same in Gomel, Bobruisk, Braslaw, Novolukoml and other regions. In Braslavsky's will for me three thousand. I have a summer house there. I built it with his own hands, without hired labor. Fireplace itself is laid. And that's all people see. "

Nikolai Lozovik

Prior to the completion of the collection of signatures is only one week. Secretary of the Central Election Commission Nikolai Lozovik says that the Central Commission does not track how many signatures she collected or that initiative group. District Election Commission will soon begin checking of signatures, says Mr. Lozowick:

"In order to reject the signature in the electoral law prescribed specific criteria. And no commission can not expand them. They are strictly enumerated, and each committee has to adhere to only them. This, for example, fictitious signatures if they are delivered over a non-existent person. Or the signature of another person, not his signature. Plus invalid passport data, or when the minor is his signature. Oh, and a number of other criteria. However, these criteria are limited and they are listed in the electoral law. "

District committees validate signatures. Wherein at least 20% of the collected signatures. If you find no less than 15% of invalid signatures, then additional checks take an additional 15% of signatures. And if the total number of invalid signatures will be more than 15% of all tested, all signatures with ballot papers are not counted.


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