Thats a huge number of pi painted aircraft in the sky, up to a thousandth mark

September 25, 2012 14:57

Pi — a mathematical constant that expresses the ratio of the circumference to the length of its diameter. This definition can be found in any textbook on geometry for students of secondary schools. But the fact that on September 12 this year, 1000 giant decimal places of pi appear in the sky over San Francisco and the surrounding area, in any textbook was said. However it happened, and the result is very impressive — look.

This event started the artist known as ISHKY, together with the firm Stamen Design, and the entire project was called Pi in the Sky. It was assumed that five planes Will fly the San Francisco Bay and "write" in the sky pi to the thousandth decimal place. Aircraft had to make a circle the size of 160 km. During the flight the aircraft sprayed "pixel" with a specially programmed system.

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