The absolute record for the Red Sormovo Shipbuilding

November 22, 2010 factory "Red Sormovo" signed a deed of transfer oil tanker «SVL PRIDE» Project 19900 "river-sea" deadweight of more than seven thousand tons. This is the first ship of the two vessels contracted with the company SVL (SVL asset trading became Ltd), was launched in September of this year. Since the signing of the contract and prior to the transfer of the tanker to the customer's only been six months, all the practices of building ships of this class is a record time.

Project designed tankers 19900 Volga-Caspian Design Bureau, and are designed to carry crude oil, gas condensate, oil products (including gasoline technology) with a flash vapor with air below 60 degrees C and a maximum density of 0.99 tonnes of cargo / m3 with providing heating. Carries three kinds of cargo in one trip.

"In late May, a contract was signed, and in less than six months, we have delivered to the customer ready-to-ship operation, successfully tested during the sea trials. Plant team coped with the problem in the shortest possible time, which was made possible thanks to a competent organization and management, as well as process technology for the most up to date equipment purchased and launched the work at the plant in recent years. Tandem design office and engineering center of the plant to increase the efficiency of the procedure, the same application in the design of 3-D modeling with appropriate technological readiness factory saves significant construction time. This is the answer of the national shipbuilding our foreign colleagues, as well as all the pessimists that puts an end to the domestic shipbuilding industry. The second tanker for this customer, we construct by May 2011, "- commented the CEO of MNP Group Vadim Malov.

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