The absolute record of Murmansk Commercial Seaport

The results of the work of "Murmansk Commercial Sea Port" in the 12 months 2012.

Production figures are marked by stable growth in key areas.

Throughput of "MCS" has made 15 million 690.95 thousand tons — An absolute record for all-time. In approving the plan for the year 2012 13 million 875.0 thousand tons execution was 113% of the plan, and in relation to that of 2011 (14 442.17 tonnes) increase in turnover amounted to 1 million 248.8 thousand tons (+8 , 6%).

Export cargo handled by 9% more than in 2011, imports by 12.9%. Decreased by 5% handling of coastal cargo.

The main types of cargoes handled in 2012:
— coal (export) — 11 633.3 thousand tons;
— apatite concentrate (export) — 985.9 thousand tons;
— iron ore (exports) — 1 628.0 thousand tons;
— non-ferrous metals (export) — 326.6 thousand tons;
— non-ferrous metals (cabotage) — 262.3 thousand tons;
— Manganese Ore (importing) — 176.3 thousand tons.

Of the total turnover largest increase was achieved by increasing the volume of coal and 813.6 thousand tons of iron ore concentrate at 448.2 tonnes.

Handled 511 ships (for more than 21 vessels in 2011), including:
— 173 Ship — coal;
— 25 vessels — iron ore;
— 58 vessels — phosphate rock;
— 255 ships — general cargo, containers, and other bulk.

Processed 223,157 cars — more than in 2011, at 22,235 units (+11.5%), including:
— 170,256 units. — Coal;
— 23,283 units. — Iron ore;
— 15860 units. — Apatite concentrate.

All cars processed within a specified time standard.

Joint Stock Company "Agrosfera" handled 995.13 million tons of mineral fertilizers.

Throughput of OOO "Murmansk bulk terminal" was one million 055.17 thousand tons.

The consolidated turnover of the three stevedoring companies compared with the results of 2011 increased by 8.4% to reach 17 million 741.24 thousand tons.


Murmansk Commercial cake — the fourth largest in Russia and the largest port in the world above the Arctic Circle. In Northwest Russia, he is second only to the Port of St. Petersburg.

Deep-water and ice-free Murmansk commercial port is strategically located on the eastern shore of the Kola Bay, there is a train service. In 2012, it handled 223,157 cars and 511 ships.

In addition to the commercial port in Murmansk fishing port and a naval station. In recent years, has formed its own port facilities here, "Norilsk Nickel" exporting nickel and other metals mined at Pechenga and Monchegorsk.

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