The air base in the Krasnodar region will ten Su-30M2

Air Base of the Southern Military District, stationed in the Krasnodar region, until the end of 2011 will receive ten Su-30M2, according to a press release from the Ministry of Defense of Russia. In the early summer of this year, the air base have been delivered two such aircraft. Due to the delivery of new equipment in 2011, the aircraft fleet Krasnodar base is updated by half.


About what kind of air base in question is not specified. Probably refers to the 6972-th Air Base 4th Army Air Force and Air Defense Forces, based at the airfield Krymsk. The composition of the fleet base includes the Su-27.

Earlier it was reported that the units and the Eastern Military District received more than one hundred units of new and upgraded aircraft and helicopters. In particular, the troops got two Su-30M2 and 46 Su-27SM. Among helicopter parts were transferred to the Ka-52 "Alligator", Mi-8AMTSh, Ka-226, Mi-26, "ANSAT" and the Mi-28N "Night Hunter".

Factory testing of the Su-30M2 was completed in September 2010, and several months later the plane passed the acceptance test. Su-30M2 is based on the Su-30MK2 and optimized to attack ground and sea targets. The basic version of the Su-30M2 offers extra range, as well as more advanced avionics.

Su-30M2 is capable of speeds up to 2,1 thousand kilometers per hour, and its combat radius of more than 1.5 thousand kilometers. The Su-30 is armed with 30-millimeter cannon and has 12 points of suspension for missiles and bombs.

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