The airline Transaero could buy six Superjet

Source: "b" in the market said that "Transaero" may soon sign a contact for the purchase of six Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft (capacity 84 passengers in two-class configuration). Aircraft manufacturer, JSC "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" (SCAC), confirmed the "Kommersant" that the parties negotiate, but "no documents have not been signed." CEO and co-owner of "Transaero" Olga Pleshakova told "Kommersant" that in a few weeks, the company will sign a firm contract for the purchase of six aircraft with an option for another ten.

"CJSC Sukhoi Civil Aircraft has made us a couple of offers for the supply of aircraft, the last of which we accepted. Now we are negotiating with the Russian banking institutions on the financing of the transaction," — said Olga Pleshakova. Source: "b" in the market claim that the leasing company for the transaction has already been selected: it will become the "VEB Leasing."

According to Ms. Pleshakova, aircraft deliveries will begin in 2015. "Every year we will receive two aircraft," — she said. By 2015, "Transaero" has finished leasing payments for only a fleet of domestic aircraft — three Tu-214. The contract for the purchase of ten Tu-214 was signed in 2005, but in the end the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) has brought only three aircraft, after which in 2010 announced the closure of the program. "At first it was a conversion of the contract, but then this idea was abandoned. We get a 2015 three Tu-214 in the property and begin to exploit the SSJ on a new contract," — said the head of "Transaero".

The airline, which is usually positioned itself as a medium-and long-haul carrier to give SSJ intends to go to the segment of the short-haul transportation — the plane will deliver to where the need is a small carriage capacity and high frequency. In particular, SSJ can serve regional transportation in the North-West region and Khabarovsk, as well as flights from Moscow to Yekaterinburg, Kiev and other cities, says Olga Pleshakova.

"Transaero" will be the first airline to sign a contract this year for the supply of SSJ on the new conditions. As the "Y" from the beginning, JSC SCA raised its price (before the price has not changed since 2010) is now the basic version of the aircraft worth $ 35.4 million, a version with extended range (LR) — $ 36,2 million (at list prices). Earlier versions cost $ 31.7 and $ 32.3 million respectively. In the GSS 12-percent growth explain scheduled according to the business plan of escalating prices. But Olga Pleshakova says that "Transaero" has managed to get a "good discount" on the aircraft. However, their size, it does not specify.

The head of the analytical agency "Airport" Oleg Panteleev indicates that the SSJ has no commonality with the rest of the park, "Transaero", which means that the aircraft will require specially trained pilots for him and system maintenance. But the possibility of the successful use of SSJ on the current domestic routes and a price that is still 10-15% lower than competing aircraft manufacture Embraer and Bombardier, the deal makes logical, says the analyst.

Now operates five SSJ "Aeroflot". Among other Russian aircraft carrier delivery expected Utair, "Yakutia" and "Gazprom-air."

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