The American company is spying on social networks

The largest supplier of U.S. military, the company Raytheon, managed to create a spyware program not only monitors the actions of people using social networks, but also the ability to predict their behavior, writes Bettina Westring in the publication Frankfurter Rundschau

The principle on which the system works, called Riot, graphically represented in a video posted on the website of British newspaper The Guardian: for example, the employee named Nick shows how the software analyzes and stores the data in the files of the pages of social networking sites like Facebook , Twiiter and Foursquare. And all this is done by pressing a few buttons.

"One needs only to drive into the program name and the last name you're interested in a man as it immediately shows that Nick — it's a nice young man with a beard, spends most of his time on the East Coast and in Texas" — says Westring. The program also will schedule, in which places particular person likes to go and with whom he interacts in social networks. All this, and in particular information on the whereabouts of the person became available thanks to smartphones, determining the location and sending it in an encrypted form.

According to the most Raytheon, the company has not sold his creation to anyone was, but it has confirmed that this program have used the U.S. government and a number of enterprises. According to the publication, now in the United States consolidated efforts underway to develop a national security system capable of processing large amounts of information.

Meanwhile, security forces, as stressed by Bettina Westring not the only one who is developing similar programs. So dedicated to IT-technologies British site The Register reports that the work in this direction are of IBM, SAS and Genesys Software.

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