The American, who sacrificed his life for Belarus

In Minsk today honored the memory of Ruth Whaler U.S. citizen, who died in 1946, performing the post-war UN humanitarian mission in Belarus.

25-year-old Ruth Whaler was the wife of the last of the Belarusian head of the UN mission in the relief and rehabilitation (UNNRA), which contributed to the reconstruction of post-war economy of the country and coordinated the delivery of financial assistance to Belarus.

The composition of the mission included 15 Americans and one New Zealand citizen. In the summer of 1946 Ruth said, as the lake sank three Belarusian boys. American rushed to save the children and then died of pneumonia and meningitu.

Every year Memorial Day Ruth Whaler mark at the U.S. Embassy in Belarus and at the United Nations. In This year, commemoration took place in three days after, as the United Nations celebrated its 65th anniversary.

Antonivs Brook

According to the UN representative Antonius Broek, U.S. citizen Ruth Whaler was one of the first employees of the UN who sacrificed their lives in the service of humanity. In a short time, the mission was assigned to the UNNRA assistance to Belarus by 60 million dollars.

"The life and work of Ruth Whaler and her colleagues in Belarus are a brilliant example of human compassion and solidarity shown towards the people of Belarus, who had with them a demand after the Second World War. It is a symbol of self-sacrifice in difficult times, which will help us all to be even more committed to our cause in Belarus. "

According A.Bruka, devotional service and sacrifice Ruth Whaler were not in vain. As a UNNRA in the post-war period, now through the UN Office in Belarus provides support for the people of Belarus.

Michael Scanlan

Charge d'Affaires of the U.S. Michael Scanlan proud that the United States had helped a lot in Belarus after the war, as well as the fact that most of the employees of the mission was from the United States. Mr. Scanlan said that this aid continues: in the last 18 years the U.S. government has provided humanitarian assistance to the people of Belarus in the amount of approximately $ 265 million.

"Working UNNRA and victim Ruth Whaler are a symbol of solidarity with the people of Belarus. UN, along with the U.S. government continues to cooperate with Belarus to develop its potential. Our attention is now focused on working together with Belarus in the expansion of the private sector, small and medium-sized businesses, at the opening of the 2011 English-language programs and business administration from the European accreditation, as well as strengthening the role of non-governmental organizations working in the field of health, social welfare and protection of the natural environment. Such programs Belarus closer to becoming an integral part of Europe and the international community at the same time closer to the completion of the historical project to achieve stability, security, prosperity and democracy throughout the European continent. "

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