The area of forest fires in Siberia for the day have not decreased

Area of forest fires in the regions of the Siberian Federal District for the past day decreased slightly and currently is 18.8 thousand hectares, said Tuesday the county Department of Forestry.

"As of July 3 on the forest lands of the Siberian Federal District eliminated 35 forest fires in the area of 1.7 thousand hectares, including the two largest in the area of 700 hectares," — said in a release.

Currently, 91 forest fire works in the Krasnoyarsk region, Buryatia and Tuva, Tomsk and Irkutsk regions. Localized fire over 7000 acres of forest.

For the past day the fire covered 2.2 hectares. To extinguish fires brought 1.8 thousand people, 145 pieces of fire equipment, 37 aircraft.

In the Krasnoyarsk region over the past day by forest guards managed to eliminate 14 forest fires in the area over a thousand acres. The region has 59 forest fires in the area of 7.9 thousand hectares, of which nine large.

The largest number of fires recorded in the aircraft is not easily accessible area of northern areas. Just on the edge of forest fire fighting involving 1.3 thousand people, 123 units of fire engines, 21 air board. Additionally to put out fires in the Krasnoyarsk region attracted 283 employees of the Federal Reserve FBU "Avialesookhrana." Emergency mode introduced across the province since June 26.

In the Tomsk region 11 forest fires raging in the area of 8.9 hectares. In particular there are three major fires in the Alexander area, where there is still the most complex forest fire situation. To extinguish fires in the work force, "Avialesookhrana" directed to the region in the framework of interregional maneuvering.

All fires in the Tomsk region operate in the aviation, rugged terrain. In the past twenty four fires on the area 458 hectares were eliminated, three fires on the area of 5.2 thousand hectares localized. Emergency mode is entered throughout the Tomsk region from June 25. Working on putting 234 people, five units of fire equipment, five aircraft.

In the Republic of Tuva are 11 forest fires in the area of 1.8 hectares. The forest fire situation in the region is under control, there is no threat to human settlements. Since June 6, emergency treatment is available throughout the country.

In the Irkutsk region, there are six forest fires in the area of 47 hectares, 15 fires in the area of 176 hectares in the past day had been eliminated. The area of forest fires in the region was reduced by more than half.

Threats to human settlements and economic facilities in the area do not.

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