The effects of electromagnetic waves on human health

There are many ways to classify the effects of electromagnetic radiation on health.

Here we have to distinguish between biological changes (which are proved by experimental observations at the cellular level) and pathological effects (causing or worsening of disease) proved by epidemiological studies.

Effects of radiation on the list of health, presented here is actually just a small sample of large studies, reported in the present time in the scientific literature.

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Biological effects of electromagnetic radiation

Here are some of the biological changes according to research vyzvannyhelektromagnitnym radiation (first — the most recent data):

  Protein changes in the skin.

Ten women volunteered to participate in the proposed study in which they were EMP (900 mH) via GSM mobile phones for one hour. After the experiment, scientists seized for investigation of skin cells in order to find any stress reactions. They investigated 580 different proteins and found two that were significantly affected. (He has been increased by 89%, while the other is reduced by 32%). Source — «NewScientist» on February 23, 2008.

  Anomalies of development and quality of sperm.

Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic studied 361 male sperm quality, tested in the clinic issledoaniya fertility. On average, those who have spent many hours talking on the cell phone, showed a low sperm count, and increased rates of sperm abnormality. Source — «New Zealand Herald».

  Irritation of brain cells.

Researchers from Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Isola Tiberina, found that elektromagnitnoepole emitted by cell phones can cause some cells in the cerebral cortex (adjacent to the side of the head where the phone is used) is strongly excited by the hour, while others become depressed. Source — «Health24» — June 27, 2006

  DNA damage.

German research group Verum studied the effect of radiation on human and animal cells. After the cells were placed in the electromagnetic field of a cell phone — they showed an increase in the gap in their DNA that are not always able to be recovered. This damage can be passed on to future cells which, in turn, could develop into malignant tumors. Source — «USA Today», December 21, 2004

  Damage to brain cells.

Study the effects of cell phone frequencies (applied at non-thermal intensity) on rat brain showed damage to neurons (brain cells) in different parts of the brain, including the cortex, hippocampus and the main ganglia. Source — Newsletter "Environmental Health Perspectives", June 2003

  Aggressive growth of leukemia cells.

Researchers at the National Research Council in Bologna, Italy showed that leukemia cells exposed to cell phone frequencies (900 mH) for 48 hours, have become more active breed. Source — «NewScientist» October 24, 2002

  High blood pressure.

Researchers in Germany have found that a one-time use of a cell phone for 35 minutes could cause an increase in the normal blood pressure by 5-10 mm. Source — "Lancet", June 20, 1998

The adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Here are some of the pathological (bolezneobrazuyuschih) effects vyzvannyeelektromagnitnym radiation, published in the media (in reverse chronological order):

  Cancer of the salivary gland.

Israeli researchers report that people who used cell phones for 22 hours a month or more, up to 50 percent more likely to develop cancer slyunnoyzhelezy than those who used cell phones rarely or never used them. Source — «Health24», February 19, 2008

  Brain Tumor.

The analysis of several previous studies led to the conclusion that the use of a cell phone for more than 10 years with an increased risk of acquisition of certain types of brain tumors (2.4 times for acoustic neuroma and 2 times for gliomas). Source — «News24», October 3, 2007

  Lymphatic cancer and cancer of the bone marrow.

Researchers from the University of Tasmania and the University of Bristol studied the records of 850 patients who were diagnosed with cancers of the bone marrow and lymphatic system. They found that people living within 300 meters of high voltage power lines over a long period (especially a child), 5 times more at risk of developing these diseases later in life. Sources — "Journal of Internal Medicine", in September 2007, «», August 24, 2007


Researchers in California have found that electromagnetic radiation from electrical appliances (such as vacuum cleaners, hair dryers and mixers) can significantly increase the risk of miscarriage in women. Source — "Journal of Epidemiology", January 2002


American researchers have found that the growth rate of suicide among 5000 workers operating the technical facilities related to electricity, which had been exposed to very low frequencies, doubled compared to the results of the control group of the same size. The effect was particularly expressive of young workers. "Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine", March 15, 2000

In addition to the above — produced a lot of other studies, but not all of them got the attention of the media.

The list of diseases caused by exposure to electromagnetic radiation on health

  Life-threatening Diseases

— Alzheimer disease

— Brain cancer (adult and child)

— Breast cancer (male and female)

— Depression (suicidal)

— Heart disease

— Leukemia (adult and child)

— Miscarriages

  Other conditions:

— Allergies

— Autism

— Elevated blood pressure

— Electro-sensitivity

— Headaches

— Hormonal changes

— Damage to the immune system

— Damage to the nervous system

— Sleep Disorders

— Sperm abnormalities

How Does Amy?

Some scientists previously believed that the only way by which izlucheniemoglo produce harmful effects in its intensity was sufficient to cause the effect of heating tissue. (Previously, it was reported that talking on a cell phone for half an hour can raise the temperature in that part of the brain where the head came in contact with her staff).

Subsequently, this theory has been roundly condemned by many studies, which proved that the intensity of the electromagnetic radiation is not enough to harm.

The mechanisms by which electromagnetic radiation can trigger the disease, is not yet fully understood, but actively conducting experiments on the subject.



  DNA damage.

Our cells have mechanisms to partially compensate the damage caused to DNA, but, apparently, the EMR may violate these mechanisms. DNA damage is involved directly in the development of several diseases, including various types of cancer.

  Protective antiviral mechanism of the host cell (interference) with the production of melatonin.

Electromagnetic radiation is introduced into the process of the production of melatonin, a hormone produced in the human body. We have already proved that low melatonin levels are associated with several diseases, including cancer. (Recent research indicates that the production of seratonin can also be affected by EMI).

  The effect on cell-cell communication.

Our body cells communicate internally and externally through electric signals. These signals can be changed by electromagnetic radiation through the production of electrical currents within the body, causing changes in cellular activity and cell structures.

The harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation on health may depend on …

At this stage we do not have all the answers, but the tips of various studies indicate that the health effects of EMF may depend on:

 The intensity of the radiation.

Getting into the zone of strong electromagnetic waves can be harmful, even if briefly.

In one study of pregnant volunteers were asked to wear a device that measures the intensity of the highest (peak) for EMI day period. The results indicated that higher peak levels of RF correlated with higher rates of damage to health (miscarriage).

 Cumulative effect of radiation.

During the day the person is exposed to electromagnetic radiation of different frequencies. For example, they may come from electric shavers and hair dryers, the equipment of cars, buses or trains, household items such as heaters, ovens and microwaves, neon lamps, home wiring, power lines, carrying and using a cell phone. These are the most common sources.

The combination of these effects can overwhelm the body's defenses and defense mechanisms.

  The duration of the EMP.

Numerous studies indicate that damage to health is beginning to be noticeable only after many years of exposure EMR, such as from power lines of high voltage, or cell phones.

  Transience of EMF.

More biological stress from exposure to electromagnetic radiation the body is under the instruments, with volatile, fluctuating cycle (photocopier, printer, etc.), rather than in regular employment.

  Frequency EMF.

So far, not known for certain what type of electromagnetic waves cause adverse health effects, but it seems to have different frequencies cause a variety of negative effects.

  Signal interference.

To produce an analog or digital signal — electromagnetic wave can be modulated in various ways. Where waves are used for communication (eg, radio, television, mobile phone, etc.), the signal is applied to the frequency of the carrier. There is evidence that, in some cases, a component of the signal can be more harmful than the EMR support.

Medical EMR danger is real.

The danger to our health caused by high levels of man-made electromagnetic fields, is real. Such a general conclusion, many of the growing number of senior scientists and professional health care workers.

Fortunately, there are many ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones, before our health will be affected.

Now absolutely certain that electromagnetic fields can exert a negative influence on your health.

If you are still skeptical — please learn on this article (effects of EM radiation on human health).

Aware — is forearmed. If you know the risks and EMI protection strategies, then you can make the best choice for the health of you and your family.

If you can not follow all the recommendations below — make at least what you can.

In this case — it helps everything.

General Rule protection from EMI # 1

  Reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation, increasing your distance from the radiation.

This — the most important rule for EMP protection, and often the easiest to use.

How much to move away from the source of radiation — depending on its intensity. For example, to reduce the intensity of the field, you may have to move to a distance:

25 meters for power lines and cell phone towers.

30 see on your computer monitor

5 cm from the electric clock next to your pillow

2.5 cm from the cell phone

Many people realize that they can increase their level of security from EMI went away for a hundred meters away from power lines or cell phone towers, but few people think that in life, you can further protect themselves by placing the computer on the floor or move a TV yet away from themselves and their children.

To understand the safety distance for different kinds of devices, studyNow this document, but keep in mind that your EMR devices may differ from those in this list. If you have the opportunity to use fluxmeter — better to take advantage of this opportunity.

General Rule Protection EMI number 2

  If you can not avoid exposure to electromagnetic radiation, try to limit it.

For many may have long been commonplace — to watch a technician at work, go by and chat with colleagues around the office printers and copiers, or stand next to the oven while cooking dinner.

In all these cases, as in many others, for your health it would be better to apply Rule # 2.

General Rule EMP protection # 3

  If there is no real need to include the device — turn it off (or on).

EMP is based on the many devices that people working unreasonable to leave, for example chargers (for batteries, cell phones, laptops, etc.), as well as computers in sleep mode, and printers.

Off devices also contributes to the health of the planet and your wallet.

You also have to know and remember all sources of electromagnetic radiation in their environment, at home or in the office. This might sound strange to the background of the general behavior, but this is the only responsible approach mature and well-informed person.

Explore and all major sources of EMR in your house or apartment.

Note the location of the building in which you live. Power lines at a distance greater than 400 meters — are unlikely to have seriously impact on your health. If this distance — less — we recommend you use flowmeters.

Local power lines (supply your home with electricity) can also cause significant electromagnetic radiation.

Note the distance from your home to the transformer substation buildings or engineering. Electromagnetic radiation from the local substation can come to a distance of 5-10 meters. Do not allow children to play in this area.

400 meters — the optimal distance to be safe from the effects of cell phone towers, you know that they are there in your area.

As long as you look around the area, pay attention to how far you are from the TV and radio antennas. They may have a much stronger radiation than cell towers.

Several studies have linked increased rates of cancer and leukemia with proximity to the TV antenna, especially a very large and powerful, which increases cancer, being located at a distance of 3-5 kilometers.

Unfortunately, there is no better protection than to apply Rule # 1

Protecting your home from EMI

The house / apartment, sources of EMR is the internal wiring of appliances and all kinds.

Internal wiring is essential and one of the major sources of electromagnetic radiation, but it is rarely people think. Some companies offer expertise in the presence of electromagnetic radiation in the apartments.

Radiation protection appliances

As for appliances, some very common types of household appliances rather high level of radiation. Put them on a long distance from the people, and remember that your communication with them should not be long.

For frequent or prolonged use any device — be it makes sense to find an alternative with lower EMI (such as a laptop or phone).

For example, portable hair dryers often have high levels of electromagnetic radiation, but if you use it for just 1 minute a day, then you are unlikely to be exposed to some seriously affected.

However, if you — a hairdresser, using a portable hair dryer for a total of about 60 minutes a day, then you should consider buying a dryer with low EMI. The same applies to the sewing machine.

Technique in the bedroom — or protection from EMI in the bedroom

Try to identify your personal exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Pay particular attention to the instruments and equipment that you encounter most often during the day. Start with your bedroom, because here you spend about 8 hours a day, so even a small level of EMR in your bedroom can significantly damage your health.

Turn off the electric blanket, if they do not need or use the lowest level of the adjustment. Keep electric clock / radio as far away from a sleeping person, preferably at a distance of 60 cm or more network devices. Even hours on batteries and a clock radio does not have to be next to your head.

Pay attention to the place where electricity is opened opened in your home and on the position of the main distribution box.

If it's in the bedroom, put the bed at a distance of not less than 1.5 meters from it. Magnetic part of the electromagnetic radiation easily penetrates through walls, so also think about what is on the other side of the wall.

Radiation protection cell phones.

Cell phones are becoming a major biological threat, almost weapon possibly as harmful as smoking. In order to reduce the negative impact — use alternative means of communication (land line) when a every opportunity.

Do not use cell phones for long conversations and think about others — do not keep them on the tube more than necessary.

We recommend using a headset, or a simple tool like a speakerphone. We do not notice, but we have is really enough situations where it is convenient to use.

The children, for their own health should be protected from cell phone use, because their developing brains are particularly vulnerable to EMP cell phones, and their skulls are thinner.

Experts recommend that children under 10 years do not use cell phones. Older children also need to be subject to strict guidelines on the use of phones.

Protection from electromagnetic radiation in the workplace.

If you spend a lot of time working in the office or at work, try to be at least 1.5 meters from any electrical equipment such as heaters and air conditioners, file servers or printers. Stick to the same distance from the neon wiring connections or nodes.

If you have been working on a computer — place it as far away from you (especially the head) shall, if the cables. If possible, give preference to the LCD monitor instead of a CRT monitor. Also stay away as far as possible, and at a distance that allows the length of the cables.

If you have installed UPS — remember elektromagnitnoeobluchenie them much higher than the computer itself. Try putting these devices at a distance of 1.5 meters from you and other people.

It should take some effort once to optimize their living space, if you spend many hours every day in this environment.

Try to avoid the location or work in an environment that uses wireless devices — networks, Wi-Fi, cordless phones and modems. Do not flatter their supposed "security". Radio and microwave radiation is more dangerous than the low frequency.

Calculate your personal exposure to low-frequency waves.

Once you have implemented the above recommendations, it is necessary to check the level of daily low-frequency radiation to which you are exposed. This will help you understand where there is a big part of the EMP.

Tolerances for EMI, in our opinion, applies only to low-frequency radiation, but not to the radio and microwave EMF (which probably are dangerous at much lower levels.)

Constant exposure to ELF (ultra-low frequency, ie, <100 Hz) and VLF (very low frequency, ie, 100 Hz-10 kHz) waves at 1.0 milligaus considered safe. This would be equivalent to 24 milligaus / h (1.0 × 24) a day.

Our recommendation for an acceptable level of EMR slightly lower — 20 mg / hour.

To correctly perform this calculation, you have to add all the calculations EMR level from all sources.

For example, if you use a hair dryer (EMP force 100 milligausov obektaizlucheniya at distances of 30 cm) for 1 minute every morning — it's 100 milligausov / minute, or 1.67 milligausov / hour (100/60).

If you sleep for 8 hours next to the electric clock, the power of EMP effects on your head is 4 milligausa, you have accumulated 32 milligausa per hour (4 × 8) and have exhausted your allowable limit EMI before you got out of bed!

To calculate the impact of EMR in milligausah per hour (mg / hours):

Make a list of all devices that you use every day, along with the duration of exposure (in minutes).

Then calculate the value for each of these items on our chart by selecting the appropriate distance for each device.

Multiply the value in milligausahna number of minutes for each item. Summarize mg / min for all the items. Then divide the total by 60 to get the value milligaus / h.

Adapt the resulting overall result to the general factors, such as proximity to the lines elektoperedach(See table), the trip, and any other known sources of ELF / VLF.

This method — somewhat crude tool in order to completely and correctly determine your level of exposure to low-frequency waves. But it helps you to see how much of the proceeds of electromagnetic radiation, and the final figure helps you evaluate your risks.

By calculating your total daily dose, try to make adjustments to your lifestyle, which can help minimize exposure. Start simple. (Remove the electric clock away from your pillow!)

In short, set attainable directly to you limit the resulting exposure, say 30 milligaus per hour. When you reach it, ask to split into two your exposure. Then you can figure out what else can be done to further reduce this level.

Table EMP effect appliances


This table shows the approximate tlko for very low-frequency waves and the sub radiation. Devices such as mobile phones and microwave ovens are included in this tablitsutolko for the reason that they produce a significant low-frequency radiation as well as radio and micro wave izluenie (the latter not shown in table). This is about values. Your equipment may have several different values.


Electrical Equipment / Appliances The strength of the electromagnetic field in the distance milligausah
15 cm 30 cm 60 cm 1.2 m
Air-conditioner 3 1 0 0
Baby Monitor 6 1 0 0
Charger 30 3 0 0
Blender 70 10 2 0
Electric can opener for konsevrov 600 150 20 2
Mobile telephone (very low frequency)
In contact: 20mG
5 2 0 0
Analog Clock 15 2 0 0
Digital Clock 6 1 0 0
A device for cleaning clothes 3 2 0 0
Coffee machine 7 0 0 0
Monitor to the computer (ray) 14 5 2 0
Monitor to the computer (LCD) 1 0 0 0
Desktop computer 3 1 0 0
Laptop In contact: 20mG 5 1 0 0
Stove / oven 30 8 2 0
Medlennovarka 6 1 0 0
Dishwasher 20 10 4 0
Electric blanket within 2.5 cm: 20mG        
Stationary dryer 3 1 0 0
Fax 6 0 0 0
Fluorescent lamp 40 6 2 0
Mixer 100 10 1 0
Food processor 30 6 2 0
Disposal facilities 80 10 2 0
Hairdryer 300 1 0 0
Heater 100 20 4 0
Hi Fi / CD player / tuner, etc. 1 0 0 0
Iron 8 1 0 0
Microwave (only LF) 200 40 10 2
Oven 9 4 0 0
Power drill 150 30 4 0
Eletropila 200 40 5 0
Power supply (UPS) 90 25 3 1
Desktop printer 3 1 0 0
Big office printer, copier 90 20 7 1
Refrigerator 2 2 1 0
Electric shaver 100 20 0 0
Toaster 10 3 0 0
Ray tube TV 30 7 2 0
Vacuum cleaner 300 60 10 1
Washing machine 20 7 1 0

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