The enemy to know in person or on the beloved hobby Brzezinski

For most Russians, who follow the ups and downs of world politics, for sure, it would be difficult to name a more odious in the eyes of their figure than Zbigniew Brzezinski — because of the long-standing dislike of the Yankees Polish-Jewish origin to the Russian Federation, its downright pathological russophobia. John Kenneth Galbraith at one point with pinpoint accuracy caused, "Brzezinski's favorite hobby — it hurt Russia '… (1)

Notwithstanding own advanced age (in March 2012 "Big Zbig" said 84th day of birth), he continues to passionately indulge beloved hobby. In general, affects not even that. What is striking is that in Russia, the struggle with which he put all his life, his books out thousands of copies, reprinted, (2) that he was invited to Russia to some forums, and many Russian media take it with open arms. So a few days back the Russian people acquainted with the text of a cordial conversation with Brzezinski international metropolitan radio commentator "Kommersant-FM» Konstantin von Eggert. (3)

And here it is necessary to give a few words to the interviewer. Specific figure. This graduate of the Institute of Asian and African Moscow State University in 1998-2009. worked in the Metropolitan Bureau of the Russian service Bi-Bi-Cu, including on-site head editor. Nestled in the Chatham House — Russian Tsar institute of international relations, is a member of the editorial board of the magazine «Pro et Contra», published by the Carnegie Endowment capital consulate. In 2009-2010. was vice-president of the American oil company Exxon Mobil Russia Inc. (This journalist that!). In 2008, apparently, for their dedication to free journalism was awarded an honorary member of the Order of the civilian division of English Empire, and Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus gave him the Commander's Cross "For the awards to Lithuania" (?). In Russia, this servant of the English Crown prefers his own nobility (background) not to mention, as the West puts on airs it very much. In 2010, Eggert was elected president of the English Club alumni, made in 1998 in Moscow. The club is also specific: it connects voedinyzhdy Russian graduates of British educational institutions and operates in the monetary and informational support of the Council and English UK Embassy in Russia. (4)

Increased attention Eggert figure deserves because he deliberately driven into the minds of Russians a sense of their state of inferiority, failure, historical guilt, worthlessness. In other words, working to undermine the foundations of Russian statehood. Here are some of the samples of his work: "The failure to settle with the shameful past is one of the causes of the real faint and uncertain future", (5) "Voluntarily or involuntarily, we are still heirs of Lenin — Stalin — Brezhnev, the Gulag, and the queues for the sausage, war in Afghanistan and communal life. Since there are no forces himself to himself to admit that in addition to winning the war and of Gagarin's flight, but may have 2-3 names like Shostakovich, XX century — the century of the Russian Federation for the lost. " (6)

Together with the repetition of these obscenities since the late Gorbachev Eggert speaks about the future of Russia. In particular, a nervous reaction makes him the project of the Eurasian Economic Union. Namely, a strategic alliance of Russia and Belarus, this term refers to the English club is not on the other as "unbearably shameful." (7)

So now, the honor to interview the head of our russophobe awarded specifically Konstantin Eggert. Than it is now amused "Big Zbig" attentive to him the Russian audience? In general, for half a century with his excessive rhetoric has not changed. I recall something.

In the middle 1950s, Zbigniew Brzezinski, along with Karl Friedrich has developed a new conceptual framework cool war. Specifically tandem Brzezinski — Frederick for the first time offered to the properties of carriers and the information war against Russia identification Russian political system and Hitler's Nazism as a 2-of "totalitarianism". From now begins to get accustomed to this day or the comparison of incomparable — Russian regime and Western totalitarian regimes of the twentieth century. I recall that in November 1939, the first scientific symposium on the nature of the totalitarian country, a great South American explorer Carlton Hayes explained to that totalitarianism — this is the paradox of the market economy, the paradox of bourgeois civilization and beyond it does not work. By totalitarian regimes Carlton Hayes took Italy by Mussolini and Hitler's Germany. Stalinist Russian Alliance, in his opinion, — a very different type of country. But "concept virus" with the assistance of Brzezinski began to spread, and since then he has poisoned many minds. Immediately it is expressed not only in calling for Russia to repent for the "enslavement" in the course of the second World War, European nations (including the Russian Baltic Pomerania), and in the requirements of obtaining foreign exchange from Moscow "compensation."

Another activity was Brzezinski's role in the design and development of anti-Russian recognizable structures such as the Bilderberg Group (founded in 1954), the Club of Rome (founded in 1968), the Trilateral Commission (created in 1973), for which there are Rockefellers. In truth, the contribution of Brzezinski incitement to cool the war against the Soviet Union is difficult to overestimate. Namely, he was one of the developers of "great ideas" (8) — lure Russian Alliance in Afghanistan. I must say, our hero was so intoxicated with the dismemberment of the Soviet Union in 1991, in a series of interviews hastened to attribute the Afghan "merit" for themselves. In fact, this idea (Afghanistan as a trap for the Soviet Union) belongs to the English Orientalist Bernard Lewis scout, Brzezinski it only promoted.

In 1997 he published perhaps the most popular work Brzezinski — "The Grand Chessboard. American Primacy and its strategic imperatives ", in which the creator talked about the 30-year-old, at least, the rule of America and the Russian Federation predicted bankruptcy and final dissolution. (9) In 2003 was published another book software Brzezinski — "Choice. Global Domination or Global Leadership. " Recall that he writes about the destruction of the Russian Union of value and saving a weak RF for the West: "Made Russia and the only option available to her, even if dictated by tactical motives, gave the West a strategic opportunity. He made a prerequisite for progressive geopolitical expansion of Western society further and further into Eurasia. Expansion of ties between the West and Russia opened up to the penetration of the West, and the first American in the once protected zone Russian near abroad. But ultimately, in the Russian Federation does not have enough candidates, if she longs to save the most precious of territorial imperatives. Incalculable natural wealth of Siberia — that promises RF brighter prospects, and without Western aid Our homeland will not be able to be fully confident in maintaining its sovereignty over this land (my italics — EP). " (10)

Promises of "rosy prospects" of the Russian Federation provided support for its West dictated by one — horror Brzezinski and his similarities to the revival of Russia. The third decade of the West is trying to prevent this though by what means. October 25, 1995 at a meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff then U.S. President Bill Clinton has defined it this way: "We have allowed the Russian Federation have power, but the empire is only one country — the United States." (11) Desta years later Brzezinski develop the setting in the book &quot

But times have changed. Our homeland is not just alive, she began to work on the structuring of the Eurasian geo-economic space, which in the minds of the South American establishment has long been owned by America. As Brzezinski wrote, from the end of the twentieth century. for the first time in the history of neevraziyskaya power — the United States — "has become not only the main judge in the relationship between the Eurasian states, and the most powerful nation in the world." (12) However, West perfectly understands that its leadership in the world "itself is dependent on how long and well (my emphasis. — EP) will be saved him an advantage on the Eurasian continent." (13) And for that you need quite a reincarnated Russia in the area, dependent on the South American leadership. But the strategy of the Russian Federation on the playful subversion from within, in the form of chaos in its new borders did not work. Means necessary to change strategy. And "The Big Zbig" again takes up the pen.

In 2012 there is a brand new work Brzezinski — "Strategic Vision" (14) in which are the two main lines. First — a feature of the current state of America. 2nd — find such options of the United States, which would have allowed America to escape the fate of Russian Union. Brzezinski does not hide: "The United States is very similar to the 2010-2012 Russian Alliance in the 1980s." He devotes considerable resemblance 2-types of countries:

• frozen, ossified and unable to reform the political system;

• financial bankruptcy due to military adventurism and a bloated military budget;

• a falling standard of living of the U.S. population;

• the existence of the political class, which is not sensitive to the growing social inequality and which thinks only of its enrichment;

• samples make up the declining legitimacy of power inside the United States seeking foreign threats;

• U.S. foreign policy, leading to a self-imposed isolation in the world. (15)

And here the main question: what to do, that the United States maintained a "global leadership"? The answer for those who are familiar with a long activity Brzezinski may seem sudden. Russophobe offers an alliance with Russia!

No, he has not changed attitude to the country, "the economy which is very reminiscent of the Nigerian economy." (16) Just the case in the United States and States are so bad that one can only try to lure the Russian words for its "European nature", to try to persuade Russian managers is that their "primary objective must be the desire to become a member of vsepolnotsennym Europe."

In fact in the speeches of "full-fledged member" refers to the "integration" of in the Western system of the position of the deepest periphery. Let us recall the words of the amazing Russian thinker Ivan Alexandrovich Ilyin, "we can not decree the West and not the bullpen. Its culture is not the standard of excellence … We do not save in Westernism. We have our own ways and their problems. " (17)

A "strategic vision" Brzezinski writes bluntly that "the future of the West is dependent on how the West will be able to integrate themselves in Russia … In the other America can be dissolved in an international transnational network here in the middle of countless networking and do not do somehow direct the historical process. " (18) And the interview, Brzezinski gave the unfortunate offspring of Russian nobility, is designed to assist the West should "integrate a Russian" — the gradual liquidation of all that it Russia, the West distinguishes and makes Russia. And most of all afraid of these gentlemen is that in Russian (former Soviet) geopolitical space, once labeled Brzezinski as a "black hole", the process of reintegration. That conjures our hero, broadcasting via Eggert: "You have in Russia are so smart and professional people to have as much energy as possible … and you loitering around the bush with some outdated notions of Eurasianism, nationalism, not to mention gallakticheskih claims to global leadership. " Indeed, for that claim? After all, took the same Brzezinski own second home of the American role of "the only global superpower"?

Or perhaps (who knows?), Is the latest in the life of Brzezinski's attempt to ward off Russia from her vocation center of the Eurasian geopolitical balance, naikrupneyshey Eurasian powers, reviving after the "greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the twentieth century" (Putin). By methodically carried out the RF environment dense ring of U.S. missile defense "Big Zbig" calls our country do not be yourself, but instead of this — "to be coupled with Europe and America." As if the agreement "be together" with imagines himself a "global hegemony" is not equivalent to the historical death sentence.

End his notes on the inexhaustible representative of the "global elite" and its Russian agents I wish the words of Russian geopolitics AE Vandamme (Edrikhin), spoken 100 years back: "The worst feud with Anglo-Saxon can be only one — a friendship with him." Let's keep in mind it is always.


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