The extinction of native RF lasts

The extinction of native Russia continues

One of the main problems of the modern Russian Federation, together with the issue of mass movement, is the demographics. They are the most violent manner put before us the question of the survival of the Russian country, the Russian civilization. One can say without fear that the Russian authorities have not lead vsepolnotsennuyu demographic policies. A number of areas in the field of social policies their actions lead to the destruction of the historic Russian Federation, since the Liberals from power replicate the European approach to solving this prepyadstviya. Multiculturalism, tolerance to foreign to RF characters — from the design trends of Islam and the various sects to brutal feminism and different directions sexy deviations segodnyaschy erode Russia's migration policy and may eventually kill her.

Rate of extinction (population loss) decreased only in the near future. And many demographic experts believe that this is a temporary result, our homeland again soon fall into the "demographic hole" has arisen as a result of a sharp drop in the birth rate in the 1990s.

We may recall the successful experience of the German Democratic Republic, where he was baby boom in the 1970s and 80s. He was in many ways due to the fact that almost all the kids were provided with places in preschool. In today's Germany had experience in some rural areas of western Germany, where the rise in the number of places in kindergartens has increased by 10% birth rate for 2 years at 3.5%. It is believed that fertility can be further improved by introducing a system kindergartens 12-14 hours, and in some cases the clock. Encouraged to take their children with 2 years, now most of the kindergartens are taking kids aged 3 to 6 years. In Germany, 30% of workers, as women and men, working in shifts with flying or on a rotational schedule.

In modern RF with kindergartens large discrepancy. Deeper than the neo-liberal "reform policy", the smaller the country's kindergartens. So, if in 1990 in the USSR worked 87.9 thousand kindergartens, in 2010 there were only 50 thousand of places for a total of 60 kindergartens%. The construction of new kindergartens almost over, even in the rich Moscow. Thus, in 2009-2011. The program for the construction of kindergartens in the Russian capital has been performed only by 18.9% of the plan: out of a planned 300 kindergartens by 49.5 thousand jobs were commissioned only 58 institutions by 9.4 thousand people. In addition, the structure of the 145 kindergartens, are accessory to the capital, are not used for its intended purpose. Immediately the problem of providing a place kids in kindergartens has led to the growth of corruption in this area.

Russian authorities apparently rushed to rejoice about Tipo began to show in 2012, though very modest, but growing population of. In December 2012, President Vladimir Putin, in his own address to the Federal Assembly, referred to a "key achievement" of the authorities. He thus practically acknowledged the significant role of demographic characteristics in the index of property management. At the government meeting Russian Federation Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev presenting the project the main activities of the federal government until 2018, announced the "grand" plan for the growth of the population in 2025 to 145 million people. At the current time, according to various sources, in Russia there are from 137.9 million to 143.2 million. Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov said that to meet the prime minister voiced puzzles ready to appropriate mechanisms.

But the problem is that the good wishes and the wishes are, if there is no real demographic policy. According to the 2010 census, the number of people of the Russian Federation in comparison to the census carried out 8 years earlier, fell by 2.3 million people. The average age of Russians has increased by 1.3 years and was 39 years old. The number of working age population increased by 1.9 million people. The number of children and adolescents has decreased by 3.2 million people. Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Maxim Topilin was obliged to admit that from January to December 2012 the decline of the population was 2,573 people. However, and this is looked up in a positive light, because in 2011 the extinction RF went more spirited pace — the natural decline in population was 51 times greater.

According to experts, then the situation will be even worse if not implemented the entire structural demographic programm. It has to be one of the major programs of the country, because there is a question of the survival of in the 21st century. Small population growth, the first in the history of Russia, who recorded the middle of 2012, the Federal State Statistics Service, Ministry of Health and other agencies, has been linked to the fact that the child-bearing age generation has entered the second half of the 1980s. In practice, this kids were born in the "sober years," the anti-alcohol campaign period 1985-1987 gg., Which is accompanied by an increase in life span, increasing the birth rate, mortality reduction, reduction of total crime and other positive effects. This is a generation and gave up a baby boom. But even this generation — practically the last demographic legacy of Russian Union failed to make up for the deaths.

At the moment, the child-bearing age take generations born in the 1990s. They are less in number than the last generation of Russian "baby boom", and of health worse. Now "demographic legacy" Yeltsin, Gaidar and Chubais will determine the demographic dynamics of the Russian Federation. It is understandable why most experts foretell ahead "demographic hole" from which our homeland and can not get out.

With all this growing danger that the liberal wing of the Russian political elite will be able to accept compensation program from the inevitable decline in the number of indigenous people at the expense of workers. Plans for this constantly sounded, and the number has already called in 10's of millions of "new Russians." From the highest level referred to the need influx of migrants in 300 thousand in year and to ensure they arrive on equal criteria in Russian schools.

The argument of many entrepreneurs and their lobbyists is clear — they need Manpower available. From the perspective of many officials, millions of "new Russians" — is measured electorate, do not tend to seek to increase the life and property management. But it forgets that in today's criteria on the planet when a systemic crisis, leading the world to a series of large regional wars and mass of local conflicts, millions of workers in the RF — Is ready to "fifth column" that use "partners" with the West or the East.

Migration is at the moment is largely compensates for the "natural wastage" (the term is very controversial, to say the cannibalistic when the extinction of the population caused by today's ideological and socio-political model of the country) of the indigenous population RF. But this leads to the upcoming dilution, assimilation of the Russian ethnos rod Russian statehood. A final rebirth in Russian faceless "Russians" will be the end of civilization and the Russian statehood.

What can be done?

In fact, experts have given the answer given to this question. For every Russian family and the standard rule should be the birth of three or four children. The
government, on the views of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of Demography, movement and regional development Jury Krupnova, must change the socio-economic model. In an interview with "free press" judge read out a few entirely sensible measures that are supposed to have been followed by the introduction of "maternity capital". Thus, it was necessary to increase the policy of "maternity capital", turning it into a home. Free excavation sites for the third child, who has promised to D. Medvedev, stuff infrastructure software. Families with 3, 4-and more than kids immediately provide their own homes. However, without the right to sell, lease, ie, not in personal property. Providing homes in small towns, settlements and villages should be linked to work in certain sectors — kindergartens and schools, health centers, music schools, houses of creativity, etc. After a certain period of time at home to be made to the property. It is necessary to begin the implementation of programs from the construction of homesteads in the suburbs of existing towns or villages as separate satellites.

Naturally, this has to be accompanied by some patriotic movements sounded applets "Industrialization-2", people must be able to get a job in the new or modernized facilities of old times. Should be carried out in parallel urban planning and industrial and technological revolution.

In the information field, the government should conduct an active propaganda of a large family, to introduce the cult of the family. Immediately stop the aggressive culture of our Information viruses, such as the normality of families without kids, brutal individualism, gay "marriage," etc.

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