The first grass fire can start in southern Russia in February

 This year's first grass fires can start in the Astrakhan region and other regions of southern Russia in late February — early March, where in April fire zone will gradually shift to the north, told RIA Novosti the head of the fire project Greenpeace Russia Grigory Kuksin.

"We definitely can predict the peak grass fires in open areas, traditionally this is the end of February — beginning of March, depending on the weather in the south, in the Astrakhan region. Later in April will begin a wave of fires, which will go from south to north, the black soil, the central Russia and by the mid-end of May comes to the northern regions ", — said Kuksin.

According to the Greenpeace made by satellite observations, the average area of spring grass fires in Russia is estimated at about 30-40 million hectares, which is several times larger than that of all forest fires. In this case, state agencies do not keep any records, or combat the fires.

To change the situation, now Greenpeace Russia online collects signatures calling on the authorities to fight the burning of dry grass. Goal — to collect a hundred thousand signatures, of which I have already collected more than 15,000.

"Clear the ban on burning of dry grass in the Russian legislation there. Law enforcement agencies and FEMA have not given problem grass fires due attention and do not even consider their fires. And without a firm command" top "to deal with them will not. Therefore very important that the team was given before the start of the fire season, "- noted in Greenpeace.

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