The formation of election commissions: it all depends on officials

Reaching a tenth of all election commissions, which will lead directly count the votes in the election, going to the democratic opposition. This representation makes it impossible to monitor the counting of ballots across the country, but it allows to draw conclusions, as far as the procedure is in line with democratic standards.

The brunt of the work falls on the 14 democratic parties, organizations and initiatives. This, for example, the party "Fair World" and the Belarusian Popular Front, the movement "For Freedom" campaign "Tell the Truth," union "For modernization" and others. They have agreed to coordinate their activities. Joint work will take place in the framework of the campaign "For Fair Elections 2010".

Co-Chair of Victor Korneenkoa explains:

Viktor Kornienko

"In contrast to independent observers, who focused on the monitoring and detection of violations, we will be very actively working on it to prevent the violation. Let's just grab the hand of dishonest members of the commission and act in some other way. In short, not just to fix the violations and prevent them. "

Nomination of candidates ends on October 31. In Berezovsky district BPF nominated their representatives to one third of all election commissions. Among the candidates — Sergei Rusetsky, Tamara Alihver, Basil Azarenka and others. Tamara Shchepetkin caught my call at a time when she was traveling to the executive committee:

"Now I'm taking a statement that I was informed when the district will create a commission. Want to attend in person, to see how they are formed. Fact that I filed a similar application, when the district was formed Election Commission. I was sent to the residents, I have collected the required number of signatures, and also wanted to be present at the meeting. But my statement was ignored. And now I make one more attempt to get to the meeting of the Executive Committee, to see whom and on what basis will include the election commissions. "

Opposition activist Victor Kopylov Dashkievich the very first of his countrymen gathered signatures to get a part of the district commission:

"And this list is passed to the executive committee. Now — waiting. By the way, I passed the very first. Gave the documents and asked him:" Do not be late? "The answer is: do not be afraid, do not be afraid. I am interested in: this section is not passed at all? Answer: in general. I have passed on October 19, immediately after a dinner. "

However, to hand over documents, even the first, it does not mean to become a member of the committee, highlights another co-chair of the campaign "For Fair Elections 2010" Sergei Kalyakin. He cites the experience of a month ago, when the territorial election commissions were formed. Then the authorities were totally different attitude to the opposition and pro-government parties. All together the opposition in those commissions were less than 1% of the total membership of the committees.

Formation of district election commissions ends on November 3. A total of 6390 Belarus created such commissions.


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