The general director of NTV verses responded to the claims of the Minister of Culture to the scandalous film about war

General Director of NTV Vladimir Kulistikov in verse replied the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medina, who asked not to show a new film about the Russian war Lofty "Serve the Russian Union". Letter to the Minister posted on the web site of the channel.

It Kulistikov in the form of a caustic Medina accused of infringement of freedom of speech in the style of the Stalin era, and invited him to "be a hero scandalous NTV special projects." "Finally found the time, place, and most importantly, the form for a response to your open letter," — said Kulistikov. Director general admitted that his answer "spurred" the pathos of Medina, "a masterpiece of Hughes Aleshkovskii and a string of songs that unforgettable era."

Kulistikov is referring to the song Hughes Aleshkovskii "Comrade Stalin, you are a great scholar." The poem is general director of NTV has 5 verses.

"Minister Medina, You are a great scholar,
As you have learned a lot about cinema.
Our zomboyaschik, you rebuke
Hounded precisely Bryansk gray wolf.
It is not known with what you got legs,
Faster the left than with any other.
What fascinates you Dzhugashvili, Stalin?
Laurentius Pavlovich than for you dear?
Minister Medina You innovator strong:
Such a twitter blozhat and fasting.
But look closely — Stalin chips
From your computer fly.
Wish, we'll cover all the applets,
All of the saga of cops and a Tale?
And maybe you want to become a hero
Scandalous NTV special projects?
We have in store for all gifts
We though what is that plug into account.
When we are in a fight leads fellow Markin,
Not that Stalin — Batman does not help out.

Recall, last week the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina In an open letter offered to cancel the scheduled June 22 showing of "Serve the Russian Union". Medina expressed concern that the film shows the main action of which takes place during the war in the Russian prison camp, could be interpreted "as an insult to the veterans of the war and the Russian stateliness of our historical memory."

All the same, the show still took place last Friday at 19:30. On the same day, NTV showed another two movies about the war — the painting "The Fall of Berlin", filmed in 1949, and a documentary movie Alexei Pivovarov "on June 22. Fateful decision."

According to ITAR-TASS, the terrain of Belarus scandalous film "I Serve the Russian Union" is not shown, although it was previously planned.

Movie "I serve the Russian Union" is directed by Alexander Ustyugova the plot of the novel by Leonid Menaker "Dinner with Satan." The picture is aware of the actions of Russian prisoners and control prison camp in a collision with the Germans in June 1941. According to RIA "Announcements", a movie to telepremery became readily available for viewing on the Web, and angered many viewers presented in her interpretation of historical events.

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