The General Staff of the Armed Forces celebrates 250th anniversary

General headquarters Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on January 25 will mark 250 years since the day or the base.

"On the occasion of the momentous steps in the Central Academic Theatre of the Russian Army on January 25 held a solemn assembly in which perceive the role of the management of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the staff and veterans General Staff, representatives of the presidential administration and the Russian Federation, federal agencies of state power ", — told reporters the representative office.

He added that the festive event will end with a gala concert of the role of recognizable artists and companies.

Institute of the General Staff of the Russian Federation was officially established by the decree of Catherine II 14 (25) January 1763. This date (January 25) and considered to be the founding days of Russian General Staff. According to the decree, its purpose is to "… composed by only the conduct of all the troops …".

First (12), of the same year formally approved states and objectives of the General Staff.

At the present stage of one of the major challenges General Staff is to implement the decisions of military and political control of the country to improve the armed forces, the development of a promising appearance, construction plans and development.

Functions General Staff in the implementation of these decisions are determined by the federal law "On Defense" and the position of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces.

Important of them is the development of proposals on the main fronts of state policy in the field of defense, the military doctrine of Russian Federation, the definition of the structure, composition, size, disposition and tasks of the Armed Forces, their need for weapons, military equipment and other physical assets.

In addition, the scope of General Staff includes strategic planning for the implementation of the Armed Forces, other troops and military formations, carrying out operational and mobilization training, the translation of the Army and Navy on the company and the composition of wartime mobilization and organization of the strategic deployment of troops, intelligence activities, organization of service and security forces of military service.

General headquarters also solves puzzles management Russian peacekeeping forces, participates in the negotiation process aimed at maintaining of regional and international security.

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