The generals will answer the bills

"Russian newspaper" publishes order Defense Minister N 341, which change the existing order in the army of officials information about income, assets and property obligations.

Such a type of control in the Armed Forces have introduced a couple of years back, when the Russian authorities began actively fighting against corruption and illegal enrichment of officials. People appointed or aspiring to the highest positions in the ministries and departments were obliged to report not only on the individual clusters, cottages, cars, garages and excavation sites, and to provide information on income and property owned by their spouses and minor children.

By order of the Ministry of Defence N1090 registered and innovation in the Russian army. However, the list of civilian and military officials who are obliged to give information about themselves and their relatives in the Armed Forces classified. In the list under the heading "For official use" are a few of the 10-s generals and federal officials that each spring by April 10 must inform the supervisory authorities of how much money had and what property acquired their family last year. The same order minister Defense has established that such inquiries to be made and the candidates for the highest office in the Armed Forces. Prior to today's spring collection of information procedure was followed. Military and civilian bureaucrats, who had to assign a higher position President, minister Defense or his deputy, transferred property and monetary information to the General Directorate of Defense personnel. If a person is coming under order Commander or Commander of the species native to the troops, he offered help to the frame or body of the main command headquarters. People whose career progression determined commander of the military district or fleet, the reporting of income and assets through a neighborhood management personnel and navy.

This new procedure has changed order Minister of Defense. Now all the huge Defense appointees must annually provide property and monetary information in the General Directorate of Military Personnel Office. One can imagine that a change in the practice of the former is due to the centralization of control functions, which is carried out in the Ministry of Defence. After all, before you pass up the information on accounts and acquired by army bureaucrats good, the objectivity of their inquiries must inspect the departmental service. Such control, of course, necessary. Suffice it to recall that the first bureaucracy, which catch on the unreliability of the information presented was General Victor Gaidukov. He took off with a bang from the army, and later still came under criminal investigation.

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