The geometry of road accidents



Kyrgyzstan has found a universal way to prevent any accidents. The discovery did Ph.D. Sergey Kariev. His computer program determines the possibility of an accident on the driver's date of birth.

Sergei Kariev over 13 years of experience in road safety. The basis of his program was the mathematical formula. On it you can calculate the probability of an accident and to identify the possible culprit. The scientist says that with the help of its development the number of accidents on the roads can be reduced by more than a third.

"I am primarily based on the time of birth of the driver and that the driver committed an accident. And based on the theory of probability I expect, having created a program on the computer, what is the probability of an accident for a particular driver, "- said Kariev. A few months ago in Bishkek patrol car rammed the ambulance.

Doctors say that the policeman was drunk and that he is responsible for an accident. In court, however the suspect was able to prove his innocence in the incident. But according to the calculations of the program Sergei Karieva, a policeman was 100% chance to make it a traffic accident. But it still nobody listens, only relatives. And they have long used method of a scientist in life.

"Recently, the case was a relative, he warned her, he said, you have today 100% probability. Do not get behind the wheel and be careful. But she had to go, and, unfortunately, she had an accident. Fortunately, a small, "- said the daughter of the inventor Nursuluu Karieva.





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