The Government of Belarus Lukashenko offers amnesty shadow capital

The Government of Belarus in the draft directive on the liberalization of the economy to the president proposes a tax amnesty "shadow" a business that is ready to legalize their income.

Government "before July 1, 2011and submit to the Head of State draft regulation on the tax amnesty for individuals who are willing to rehabilitate themselves by legalizing their income, "- said in the draft directive, the text quoted Interfax.

In connection with this plan to revise the law on liability of employers for violations.

The draft states that "the test should not disturb production and business activities of entities that are checked."

The government also proposes to inspect honest entrepreneurs are not more than 1 time in 5 years.

It is also expected to prohibit content custody to trial the perpetrators of economic crimes, but do not pose danger to society.

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