The legacy of their ancestors. Part 3

Our ancestors recorded events in the period of their life in Daarija and led timing of these events. Thus maintains the connection to time and events for many, many hundreds of thousands of years. For example, we know that the Midgard-Earth at the time of settlement Daarija had two moons. Nearest to the earth the moon was Lola. The period of its revolution around Midgard was only 7 days. Large moon — Month — orbital period was 29.5 days. Another example. In September 2003, 604,378 of the summer came the time when our ancestors have recorded a rare event — a star in the sky Daarija three Sun.


According to ancient records 300,000 years ago, the appearance of Midgard — Earth was very different, Daar linked the Eurasian continent mountainous isthmus, which passed on the Eurasian continent in Riphean (Ural) mountains.

The Sahara was the sea. Indian Ocean — the land. There was a continent. Strait of Gibraltar was not. The Russian plain, where is now Moscow, was the sea. River Volga flows into the Caspian Sea is not, and the Black Sea. In Western Siberia was a large island of Buyan, is on the East and West Seas. Through the island of Buyan river flowed Iriy quietest (Irtysh).

Peninsulas Sakhalin and Korea and the Japanese islands did not exist, because they were an extension of the Eurasian continent.

Clans of the Great Race Life and descendent of heaven on Midgard-Earth radically changed as a result of cosmic catastrophes. In turn, a consequence of the disaster were often fighting the Gods of Light against the dark forces.

The first great flood of Midgard-earth was a result of the destruction of its moon Lely, which focused on the representatives of the dark forces of the world Pekelnogo — Koschei for the invasion of Midgard.

Shining God — Dazhdbog Tarkh, Perun's son, who came to Earth Ingard, prevented Koshcheev attack Midgard-Earth. He stabbed and killed by Lele forces of darkness, but it collapsed Lola. Since at Lele was 50 seas and it was close to Midgard, on Midgard-Earth hit salt water and debris of the destroyed moon. Da'Arias disappeared under the waters of the great flood.


A fragment strikes Lely ousted Midgard-Earth axis, which began pendulum motion. Final flooding of the continent did not happen immediately. Da'Arias then dropped into the ocean, then rose from the ocean, but in the end, the ancestral home of the Holy Slavic-Aryan people went under the water of the Arctic Ocean. Remained on the surface of some of the high-Daarija example, modern Greenland, Franz Josef Land and other islands.

However, the descendants of the Great Race Births and Rod Heaven not died with Daar. People were warned Grand Magus named Christ the upcoming battle of heaven and the death of Darius. They started early migration to the Eurasian continent. It was organized 15 settlement of Daarija. For 15 years, our ancestors moved the mountain isthmus (Ural mountains) between the East and West seas on the Eurasian continent.

111,810 years ago (in 109 807 BC) was a full relocation descendants Clans of the Great Race and Rod Heaven of Daarija.



Part Rasichey escaped by climbing on Wightman into orbit. Other move (teleport) through the Stargate Mezhdumirya in Halls Bear in possession da'Ariytsev.



The main part of our Ancestors left to settle in the new territory of the Midgard-Earth (the Urals and Siberia), where there was then a subtropical climate.

In honor of salvation from the Great Flood of 16 Summer holiday PASKHET was installed, which translated to h'Ariyskoy Runes means: "By Asa Hodyashe this, ie The path along which the gods. " Our ancestors praised Rod Heaven for the salvation of the Great Flood. Slavo-Aryan rite hit dyed boiled eggs each other on this holiday reminds us of the victory over Dazhdbog Tarh Perunovicha Koshcheev. Broken egg called Egg Koshcheev that recalls the destroyed moon Lele, a whole egg called force Tarh Dazhdbog.

So, our ancestors came not from the apes, and not from Adam and Eve, and a million years ago came to Earth from space. Ancient Slavic-Aryan gods were their fathers, and they — are the children of them which have ancient faith and praising their gods and ancestors. The Great Flood forced our ancestors to leave the Holy Land Daar and move to the Eurasian continent.

The final resettlement Sorts of White people in the Eurasian continent began the second period of their life on Midgard-earth. After retiring from the Great Race Daarija Births and descendent of heaven first went south from Rhipaean (Ural) mountains, where settled. Then most of the Genera of our great ancestors populated the island of Buyan in the East Sea, obzhivaya the river Irtysh (Iriy quietest). After complete flooding Daarija West and East Sea receded and Childbirth Great Race and Rod Heaven populated land, formerly the seabed of the East Sea.

Because of heavenly purity water quietest Iria blessed land, lived-wise Asami, named Belovodye. Image h'Ariyskoy Runes "Iriy" — white. Heavenly purity water. Iriy river is in the tradition of our ancestors earthly reflection of the heavenly Iria (Milky Way), and is revered as a holy river Clans of the Great Race. Hence the sacred name Belovodye — Sacred Earth Clans of the Great Race and Rod Heaven. '"Country Light Spirits," "The Land of the Living Fire", "land of the living gods," "holy land race" — these are the names of the various sacred territory habitat. Acronym RACE revealed as Childbirth Aces Aces Countries. Therefore, there is another name for the area from the mountains to the sea Rhipaean h'Ariyskogo (Father Baikal) — Asiya (Asia) or Country Aces.

In the Holy Land was another common name — Pyatireche. Based on the ancient runic Chronicles of Ancient Orthodox Old Believers Church Ynglings can do basic vvod: Pyatnreche Belovodye and synonyms that point to the same territory. Pyatireche — land, washed five Iriy rivers, the Ob, Yenisei, Angara and Lena. All rivers Belovodye carry their waters to the north, towards the ancient land of origin of the Great Race — Daarija. Birth of the Great Race later settled along the rivers Ishim and Tobol, and Pyatireche became known as Seven Rivers.


As the development of land east Rhipaean mountains, every part of the Earth receives an appropriate name. In the north, in the lower Ob, between the Ob and the Ural Mountains and Siberia is. To the south of Siberia on the banks of the Irtysh is actually Belovodye .. Eastern Siberia on the other side of the Ob is Lukomorye. Located south of Lukomorye Yugor that comes to Erie mountains (Mongolian Altai). Lukomorye, Siberia, Belovodie, Yugoria under the protection of the goddess Tara. In the east of the sea h'Ariyskim (Father Baikal), are under the protection of the land God Tarh. Thus, Dazhdbog Tarkh Perunovich and Goddess Tara Perunovna guard boundless land in the east — from the Urals to the Pacific, which was given another name — Great Tartary — land Tarh and Tara.

Rasichi — da'Ariytsy, h'Ariytsy, Raseny and Svyatoruss — lived together in one area. They lived in the world, and elevated ground, planted gardens and forests, to build together majestic temples of (the temple) and hail. Birth of the Great Race and descendent of heaven helped each other fraternally. From here begins the concept of "White Brotherhood" for all creative acts of conscience and pure thoughts are the measure of everything. This Brotherhood was not only pure thoughts, and white skin, which confirms the unity of form and content of the White Brotherhood. Creative activity Rasichey will develop land sacred race.

SVETOMIR (three Leonid), Elder "Slavic tribal communities of Wisdom", Rostov-on-Don.

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