The mayor of Rome asks for a state of emergency in the capital of drowning

The authorities of the Italian capital try to normalize the situation caused by the worst hours of the storm that erupted over the Eternal City. Mayor of Rome Gianni Alemanno asked the government to declare a state of emergency here in connection with the disaster. He compared what happened in the capital of the earthquake.
According to ITAR-TASS, the rampant disaster forced the city to close a dozen plants of the Roman underground, including Termini station to the central station, which is a major interchange hub, and located near the Vatican station Ottoviano. Completely stopped the movement of trains on the longest branch of the Moscow Metro — line "A". Many central streets are closed for the passage of buses. All the low areas of city streets were under water. Police protects the flooded sections of roads and city services are trying to restore electricity in the capital, where, because of the shower broken lines.

Due to bad weather, even the President of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano, has been forced to postpone his departure a few hours to the city of Pisa, which was scheduled for the morning. I had to cancel a number of important meetings and meetings of the central Italian authorities. Almost none of the governors Italian regions could not arrive at the scheduled today, "Forum of Regions."
Received the first reports of the victims of the disaster. From the basement of a house in Rome's Infernetto firefighters recovered the lifeless body of a pensioner, and several people are reported missing. Employees of the city rescue saved a mother and child out of the house for a few minutes until it is completely flooded. In addition, traffic police pulled several people from poluzatonuvshih cars. In rescue operations involving the Carabinieri, 300 firefighters and the Roman troops, who arrived to the rescue of the surrounding areas.
Heavy rain with thunderstorm hit the Italian capital in the morning on October 20. Flooded many neighborhoods and streets, tourists have to make a walk through the historic center of Rome to the knees in water. The water level in the Tiber had risen to the "red" mark. "

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