The Minsk election commission seen a video of the action group Lukashenko

In the Central Election Commission receives complaints about the activities of the initiative group to collect signatures for Lukashenko. One of these complaints are considered today the Minsk City Commission. Alternative candidates who overcame a hundred thousand mark, continue to collect signatures. After leaving the race Sergey Ryzhov candidates in the candidates left the fourteenth

Leader of the "Movement of the Future" Vyacheslav Dianovand "Free Youth" Nikita Krasnov made a complaint to the CEC of the video footage to recognize all of the signatures that are gathered members of the initiative group of Alyaksandr Lukashenka and gentlemen Atamanov Khmyl invalid. And take action to action group. Activists said on picket lines, where collected signatures for Lukashenko, nobody in the required permits. CEC transferred the complaint to the Minsk city commission on presidential elections, led by the deputy of the House of Representatives Igor Karpenko. Today, the Commission has decided to introduce the district committee of Minsk with the information submitted activists, as well as a review of their materials handling. District Election Commission president should use these materials to authenticate signatures for Lukashenko. Member of the city electoral commission Galina Semdyanova also supported this decision, but made a remark:

"I think because this statement Krasnov was sent to the CEC, the CEC and had to examine it, and not to transfer it to us. I was also very surprised that the study of this material lasted for ten days, not three as required. After all, there were no problems, all known, no one had to be sought. This decision had to be taken not today, but much earlier. "

Galina Semdyanova

According Semdyanovoy, members of the initiative group of Lukashenka violated the law:

"By and large, these people should not have been engaged in this work. After collecting signatures — this is a purely technical matter. One PhD, another member of the Minsk city. It is not a royal affair. It turns out that the microscope nails hammer. They do not have to be part of the initiative group. But when they entered, they should be engaged in the same collection, as is what all the rest. If you follow the recommendation of the CEC, all the signatures can be considered nesapravdnymi.Tamu city commission and the district has to pay attention. "

Nikita Krasnov Vyacheslav Dianov believe that their complaint should consider the Central Electoral Commission, as the city election commission issued a controversial decision. Nikita Krasnov said the new footage of violations of the initiative group of Alyaksandr Lukashenka:

"The idea is that these signatures are collected to the law. Collection time they break 61 minutes article of the Electoral Code. In addition, we have additional material on the other pickets. For example, the same application would be submitted to Dmitry Shevtsov, we also caught by hand when collecting signatures unknown persons who are not members of the initiative group. And we will continue these shots, in spite of these solutions. It has a specific video. What is there to understand? "

Valentin Stefanovich

Also a complaint against the activities of Lukashenka's initiative group has filed a human rights activist CEC Valentin Stefanovich. He refers to the schedule of participation in a demonstration Lukashenko issued by the chief of department of ideological and educational work of the Office of Education of Leninsky district of Minsk. Ideologist asks school leaders to "ensure the participation of young, enthusiastic staff" at a demonstration:

"This is a prime example of the administrative resource. I'm not talking about the facts, which we recorded as kindergarten and schools, not being members of the initiative group collected signatures for nomination Lukashenko, and that they were forced to do it. It is a violation 61st articles of the Electoral Code. The Central Commission refuses to consider such complaints and forwards them to the lower commission. They consider them, sometimes giving a very funny answers. "

The Central Commission refuses to consider such complaints and forwards them to the lower commission.

This week, the alternative candidates began delivering petitions to the regional commission. Nyaklyayeu, Yaroslav Romanchuk, Andrei Sannikov and Viktor Tereshchenko said they overcame one hundred thousand mark. Gregory Kastusyou, Ales Mikhalevich, Nikolai Statkevich and Vitaly Rymashevski claim that close to the correct number. According Statkevich, for it has already collected 93 thousand signatures:

"Started surrender. For example, the day before yesterday in Mogilev put three thousand signatures thousand in Vitebsk. But after passing the city executive staff roll call begins and it intimidates people. People are starting to tell me that they have some rough voice inquired if it was true that they have signed up for the opposition. So given the opportunity to choose when to take — either now or later. "

Sergey Ryzhov

After this week stopped collecting signatures initiative group of Sergey Ryzhov of Vitebsk, leaving 14 candidates.

Commenting on his refusal to participate in the election of Mr. Ryzhov said:

"The people of a certain small part of its just afraid to put their signatures for candidates alternative to the current president now. This is particularly clearly traced in the factories, in public institutions. Are warned that if they put their signatures, they can be a nuisance. "

Also this week, the nomination of candidates for the local election commissions.



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