The number of fires in the Khabarovsk region a day almost halved

Thirteen fires put out for the last day in the Khabarovsk region, it remains extinguished 17 seats, of which nine are already localized, according to the regional government.

Earlier, the press service of the department of forestry DFO reported that as of Tuesday morning of the Far East continue to blaze 29 forest fires.

In the Khabarovsk region due to the hot dry weather there is a complicated fire hazard situation. In the forests of a regime of emergency. To fight the fire thrown all forces Avialesookhrana, involved staff and equipment MOE.

"The total area of fires now stands at more than two thousand hectares. To extinguish the fire attracted more than 800 people and nearly 200 pieces of equipment," — the report says.

It is noted that the large pockets are located in the Polina Osipenko Ulchskiy, Vanino and sunny area. Head of the region set a target to reduce by half the number of fires. To achieve this, the province established a reserve fuel, to attract additional equipment.

In connection with the regime of emergency situations in the woods residents advised to temporarily refrain from going to the taiga. To comply with the requirements in the region exposed to 92 special post, which staffed by AMIA.

Since the beginning of the fire season occurred 576 boreal fires, they traversed the area was 86.8 hectares.

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