The number of victims of snowfall in the U.S. reached 11 people

More than three million households in the north-east coast of the United States remained without electricity on Monday because of a rare snowfall for October. The transportation system is paralyzed, the weather became victims of at least 11 people, reports AP.

Record rainfall recorded in Jeffrey, New Hampshire, where, according to the National Weather Service of the United States, 78.7 inches of rain fell. In the town of West Milford, New Jersey, precipitation was 48 cm The bad weather began on Saturday. It is expected that in the second half of the day on Monday, snow fall on Maine. In Southern Vermont weather forecasters promise no less than 30 inches of rain.

Under the weight of wet snow on power lines falling trees, causing a blackout in the area from West Virginia to Maine. This happens because of uncharacteristically early and heavy snowfall. The fact that the fall of the leaf is not over yet, and so the trees can not withstand the weight of snow on the leaves.

The governor of Connecticut has said that the state is experiencing "the largest in history," the outage on the number of households remained without electricity. It touched off more than 750 million Americans. In New Jersey, Connecticut and partly in New York, a state of emergency, according to USA Today.

In some parts of New York marked snow and rain and a significant increase in wind. Bad weather mercilessly hit by the participants of street protests, "Occupy Wall Street," wrote the American newspaper. Stay in tents in the park in Lower Manhattan Zukkoti becomes almost impossible, and prohibit the use of power generators to heat the protest camp. By the morning of Sunday there were only the most persistent and enduring "revolutionaries", of which there are "a dozen," said USA Today.

In New York, October snowfall — it is very rare, but it is not a unique phenomenon. Over 135 years of observations of snow in Central Park in the city was recorded in October, a total of four times, according to the National Weather Service.

Usually at this time of year in the region is not enough cold air to cause heavy snow, but this year the two coincided weather phenomenon — an area of high pressure over southeastern Canada has caused the movement of cold air south into the U.S., which, combined, who arrived in New England moist air from North Carolina has caused unusually heavy snowfall.

Utilities and carriers in the U.S. were not ready for the first snow, so even this. Canceled flights and trains, and 48 passengers, en route from Chicago to Boston had to spend the night in the train, British Guardian.

Alexander Sotov

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