The number of victims of the explosion at the Pinskdrev increased up to 9 people


During the last day of the fire on the victims' Pinskdrev "increased to nine. Victor died Zhukovsky (1955), Gennady Kozyura (1964), Alexander Kolodych (1987) and Sergei Taralko (1985).

The hospitals of Minsk and Brest are currently 11 people.

At the regional hospital of Brest:

First Hamlyuk Alexander, 1959
The second Smirnov Oleg O., 1981
Third Goroshko Edward V., 1977
Fourth Alexander Moroz, 1987
Fifth Ermak Paul Antonovich, 1976

In the emergency hospital in Minsk:

First Kvashali Oleg, 1962
The second Shynkaruk Alexander, 1974
Third Nikolai Shevchuk, 1950
Fourth Gladun Natalia, 1967
Fifth Pilevich Vitali, 1981
Sixth Mikhail Kasian, 1977


The first Moog Igor Afenogenovich, 1971, repairer-
The second Raputa Evgeny V., 1984, the operator of automatic and semi-automatic lines in the wood
Third Starodub Mikhail Ivanovich, 1958, repairer-
Fourth Mihaevich Alexander, 1976, machine woodworking machines
Fifth Sakovitch Ekaterina, 1986, the master foreman of particle separation
Sixth Zhukovsky Victor K., 1955, repairer-
Seventh Kozyura Gennady F., 1964, the operator of automatic lines
Eighth Kolodych Alexander, 1987, the operator of automatic lines
Ninth Taralko Sergey, 1985, electrician

Written out in connection with recovery Silent Tatiana Yavstafevna, 1955.

The plant continued work of the commissions. The alleged cause of emergency on woodworking factory in Pinsk named blast deposits of wood dust as a result of violations of the operation of the equipment for the production of wood pellets. Uschataya criminal case under Part 2 st.302 Criminal Code (violation of safety regulations on hazardous enterprise). At the scene works Emergency Commission Pinsk City Executive Committee, Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Prosecutor's Office investigation team of the Brest region.

The President Alexander Lukashenko, as the official information continues working visit on Brest. Today he visits Pruzhansky area, agri-tourism complexes. The visit Pinsk not reported.


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