The number of victims of the explosion at the Pinskdrev increased to three

The number of victims of the explosion at the Pinsk woodworking factory increased. At night, another worker died. The status of other brought to the hospital and is rated as extremely serious.

Thus, the total number of victims has reached three people.

17.00. Manual charging "Pinskdrev" restricts access to the factory. Only state television has obtained permission, and it is limited.

Lack of information about the explosion in the factory shop "Pinskdrev" provokes the emergence of different views, for example, regarding the number of victims. In the words of one of the employees of the plant, in fact, killed far more people than is announced officially. Residents of Pinsk call different numbers. So, had to hear that, immediately killing even a few dozen people, some say 5-8 victims who have seen with their own eyes. These conclusions are supported by the first power of the explosion. A resident of Pinsk, whose house is directly opposite the shop, said the well could be heard two explosions. And in his neighbor's blast knocked out the window. On the balconies of a nine-house, which is located on, got the flowers.

According to residents, the ambulance arrived quite late. Maybe tomorrow will be to bury the dead.

Another effect of the explosion was that the shop where they make fiberboard, standing boilers with glue, from which hazardous substances were in the air. Some teachers advise children not to go out, saying that formaldehyde is carried around by the wind.

According to people at the time of the explosion was in the shop all the change that works up to 15 hours. And the changes are not 29 people appear officially, but about 40 people.

Many of the townspeople afraid something to comment and voice. "Pinsk Wood" — forming enterprise. A lot of work there.

14.20. Undertook a thorough cleaning of blockages in the shop now for the safety of dismantling the roof.

As the press-secretary of the Brest Regional Department of Emergency Situations Sergei Mashnov in the shop working committee Emergencies Ministry, the Prosecutor's Office, Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The probability that the shop were people under the rubble, is excluded.

According to preliminary estimates, severely damaged not only the building department, but also the equipment. The exact amount of damages will be calculated after the end of the current inspection if the commission will make their reports.

13:45. Chief physician UP "Pinsk Central Hospital," said Victor Osochuk radio "Freedom" that the 7 most affected by the explosion at the "Holding Company" Pinsk Wood "sent to burn centers in Brest (5) and Minsk (7). 6 more people are the central hospital in Pinsk.

According to Victor Osochuk, the total number of victims of the morning of the day — 21 people. Two of them died on the spot, one died in the hospital.

Service Pinsk city hall and "Holding Company" Pinsk Wood "help families affected financially. According to one participant in the meeting with the families of the victims in the executive committee, the amount of first aid rendered by the local authority, — 10 million rubles.

12:06. Resuscitation team delivered the Republican Burn Center, located in Minsk, 7 people injured in an explosion at a plywood factory in Pinsk. On it informs "Interfax-West" referring to the deputy chief physician of the Pinsk Central Hospital Tatiana Pozniak.

"7 wounded in an explosion in Pinsk taken to Minsk, a burn center, a 5 — to Brest Regional Hospital. Many of them are on the artificial respirator," — said T. Pozniak.

According to her, in Brest and Minsk "the victims were evacuated to the intensive care teams." Currently, there are 6 Pinsk hospital victims: one woman — in neurosurgery, three men — travmatalyagichnym department and two other men are in the intensive care unit, they have a "very large area burns, they are artificial respirator," said the source agency.

As previously reported with reference to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the explosion at the factory died 3 people — rescue workers found one almost immediately after the explosion, the second found in a few hours under the rubble, and this morning died in the hospital another injured. On Monday, the central hospital in Pinsk were transported 18 wounded, a few hours later, another victim sought medical attention in hospital.

Prosecutors Pinsk upon explosion opened a criminal case.

11:10 Affected by the explosion at the factory moved from Pinsk Pinsk in intensive care Brest and Minsk. Doctors estimate the state of the injured as serious.

Meanwhile citizens have answered the call to donate blood. In Pinsk resuscitation note that solidarity residents of Pinsk was a pleasant surprise.

It is assumed that the cause of the explosion at the factory in Pinsk could become a high concentration of wood dust, as well as violation of the operation of the equipment for the production of wood pellets.



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