The presentation of the book on the Belarusian-Lithuanian neighborhood

On Thursday evening in Minsk shop "Book Salon" presentation anthology "A thousand years of good neighborhood. Belarusian-Lithuanian historical and literary cohabitation." Represented a book by its composer famous poet and scholar of the Belarusian-Lithuanian cultural relations Sergey Poniznik.

At the celebration came to a lot of distinguished guests, including representatives of the Lithuanian embassy in Minsk, the well-known scientists Arseny Fox, Adam Maldis and many others.

Vela event chairman of the Society of Lithuanians in Belarus Virginia Tarnavskaytse. It noted in particular that the event will be conducted in three languages — she made herself to the audience in Belarusian, speakers said, and in Lithuanian and in Russian, and Belarusian.

Professor Adam Maldis, who was the scientific editor of the book, said that in preparing the book for publication, he was guided by the principle of "do no harm bilateral relations," because, as he said in his life he edited more than 40 books, but this was the first where the public interest is involved . And so all those materials that are preparing for this anthology, which from the point of view of Belarusians and Lithuanians from the point of view of some ambiguously interpreted moments of our shared history, he threw it away. His actions, he explained that to a solid boundary between the Lithuanian and Belarusian ethnic group is now almost impossible and gave the example of his Ostrovetskiy. He himself, by the way, the father of Lithuanian — as indicated by the name, and his mother Belarusian.

The book is dedicated to the 1000th godzdyu naming "Lithuania", which is widely celebrated by our neighbors. Subject prompted the search for — and how many items in Belarus? Adam Maldis find a date — when, in 1217 crowned King of Galicia Rudolf II, it was called the "king of Galicia and Belarus."

The compiler of this book Sergei Poniznik shared the view of the scientific editor Adam Maldis that we today need to be indivisible. That he dedicated his poem.

Neighbors, friends! We will share the glory,
and tomorrow we will not hide under the wing
zlitvo and sewing vast state,
common sources of mouth.

We will not share any locks, nor thrones
threefold music, samples of crosses:
over us gnarled oaks crown
scales beneath us Bolshakov lumps.

At the gate to the "chase" we'll go on foot
Listen instead of hostile Gainy —
We close Vilnius namolvae poems
Their lips whisper Lithuanian tower
At the heart of the pristine Krivitskaya relatives.

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