The Prosecutor's Office of Belarus: Experts maintain neutrality

Left Minsk OSCE experts who have worked with the audit materials into the death of journalist Oleg Bebenina in respect of which there are conflicting versions.

Mission accomplished. OSCE experts, which the Belarusian authorities were invited to study the test materials into the death of Oleg Bebenin left Minsk. In this case, the prosecutor's office say they do not know anything regarding the conclusions that will make experts. A spokesman for the Prosecutor General Petr Kiselev said that before the last day of the Minsk OSCE experts "kept neutral:

"They did their work did not say yes and everything worked. Any requirements they did not push, exhumation, such as earlier mentioned, did not require work on its plan. Regarding the final report did not say anything, but my opinion could have done. Also, I know nothing as to the identity it was a mission, will still visits the OSCE experts. "

October 25, press officer of the OSCE Office in Vienna Fran Maroevic said he did not exclude the possibility of other visits. On He said, "If you need another visit, it is possible." France also Maroevic told RFE, that the work of experts will prepare a report on behalf of the OSCE. Preparation time, Mr. Maroevic not named. In the same interview, the OSCE representative warned that the briefing experts will not hold.

Over the 4 days of the Minsk OSCE experts acquainted with the materials of an inspection carried out in the prosecutor's office, met with relatives of Oleg Bebenina, his colleagues and friends, as well as Belarusian experts who did the autopsy. Another OSCE envoys visited and inspected the cottage, where the evening of September 3 was found hanging in the loop body of the journalist.

Dmitry Bondarenko

Coordinator of "European Belarus" Dmitry Bondarenko approves visit to Belarus of experts from Sweden and Norway, but notes that their mission was limited to "familiarize with check." By Dmitry Bondarenko, we need not check, and the present investigation of the case, including foreign experts:

"In my opinion, you need a real investigation. Why is it not so, why such circumstances. After all, the police did not even take fingerprints anywhere, neither on the door handles, or in the home. But experts said that later will make its opinion, and you are acquaint with him. Well, at least met with us, and thanks for that. "

Andrei Sannikov

Oct. 28 with experts from the OSCE had to meet colleague Oleg Bebenina Andrei Sannikov. Andrei Sannikov was interrogated several times Belarusian investigators during the inspection into the death of the journalist:

"Unfortunately, for technical reasons — because of the late arrival of aircraft — our meeting was not held. But I am following this case and to see how the report will be done. We are keeping it under control and we will continue to hold. "

Prosecutor's Office of Belarus reminded that the deadline checking into the death of Oleg Bebenina ends on November 3, "if the test will not continue."

The prosecutors said that while the most probable version of suicide, although theoretically not exclude other versions. Friends and colleagues of the journalist some say the signs of murder for political reasons.


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