The rover has found the remains of marine animals?



Just a few days ago, many media outlets reported that the space agency NASA is preparing to make a stunning statement about the new historical discoveries on Mars, which should enter in the "history books."



However, in an interview given by John Grottsinger (John P. Grotzinger), representative of the NASA space agency (NASA), does not contain any specific information, but Grottsinger John (John P. Grotzinger) in an interview with the reservation that the rover Curiosity found Mars previously unknown minerals there probably calcium carbonate (CaCO3), which on Earth is very common in the shells of marine animals and their fragments, called coquina (Rakushnjak).

Therefore, it is possible that the rover Curiosity on Mars could find a seashell fragment, which may indicate the existence of complex biological Mars life in that distant time when there was water. Third in December 2012 at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in San Francisco, scientists agency NASA (NASA) plans to announce the discovery on Mars.

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