The state and the people

Said Valery Korovin of the Centre for Geopolitical Expertise.

He says, in fact, that the relationship between man and the state in the West different from Russian. According to him, the state provides security in the west citizen, and more citizen does what he wants. That is the state exists there to serve this need citizen, which he can not serve. In Russia, according to Korovin, man sets himself above the state and puts his life on the altar of power and domination of the state. Korovin asks the question here is: "Why is the state the person (in Russia)?" The answer is not forthcoming. And the right to say this was just like that, but it says at the meeting of the expert discussion club "Sovereignty of Russia", which brings together members of the State Duma, public figures, heads of several organizations. The club has a patriotic orientation and aims to discuss important issues of Russia's independence from the Western powers. In fact, the results of these meetings may be proposed bills.

According vyshepredstavlennogo member of this club are rather interesting things. Indeed, in Russia, the state needs people so that it was strong and independent. This is a fact. But what or who it is — the state? That's like the king of France, Louis XIV said: "The government — that's me." Since this statement is all clear. But by whom, and for what there is the Russian state? Whose interests it serves, for whose well-being and lives there? For reasons which we can only guess about Valery modestly silent.

Here to clarify the situation should at least remember the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45 year. We hope everyone ever talk to her live witnesses. For which our ancestors fought? Recall that they were waiting for the family, they had wives and children. And everyone wanted to go home and see them again, and if you do not see, then know that they will live, what their life will be happy that they can expect a better future. And then will the grandchildren who will live in their free country, and life will go — will live our people. You would hope so, going to defend the homeland? I'd hoped …

It is unclear what the man said, what kind of state. One can hardly think that the soldiers of the Great Patriotic could fight only for the fact that the country was listed on the map with the name of the USSR, Moscow, all also had some government ministries working state enterprises, government structure and power was saved. That's just this state would control the Germans. Or English. And all the Russian would be slaves, and everyone can make fun of them and kill them. Can you imagine that someone went for a fight? I can not either. I do not want to fight for it, because that is the state we got.

Duma deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov, which you can see at the head table on this video, says something similar. Some of his videos can be found here, and everything that is posted on the website

What he says is, in principle it is not a secret. State "Russian Federation" with his government, laws, courts, and local governments have created the Americans after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992-93. For this purpose, a network of advisers U.S. that is, to formulate a system of grants to non-profit organizations (NPOs) to take control as soon as the left advisers, completing their program. As a result, officials can blithely nap — these NGOs to come and do everything themselves, we can only sign. Will, of course, by Western standards, and for the one who pays the grant (I think you might have guessed).

Yes, man exists for the state, and for whom the state — even not necessary to write, so obvious.

For whom our ancestors gave their lives, we have analyzed above.

And as for the Russian people, that holds that state, again no one remembered. As if it does not exist. There is only one citizen in a spherical vacuum, man of mystery — it is unclear where the undertaken.

Again invited people to go into battle for the state, which serves the interests of the West, as is explicitly stated near the same site. What a paradox? Why do we need a strong Russia to others? And it is not true that we will give life for any state whose interests it would not service! But our land, our people and our Volnoe happy future — is another matter. USSR taught people that the government will take care of all the DBR. The Soviet Union is no more. The state also may come and go, and our nation was, is and will be! For the fact that he lived and was better, stronger and happier, not afraid to die. It is terrible to die for the occupying power, which is not today or tomorrow, will make slaves and kill your children. It is as if in Moscow in the 41st sitting second Hitler.

During Putin's visit to Tajikistan, Tajik President Rahmon expressed:

Russia — our main strategic partner, we are bound to it by common history and a common destiny. Without Russia, we have no future. Our future will be in partnership with the great Russia.

About as spoken and Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko

But Russia can not exist without the Russian People. Those who do not want to see hard, rely on nothing, an empty form without content, and leave themselves to nothing, did not find support. All attempts to pretend as if it is very well in Russia, no matter what people are and whether it is empty and meaningless. Perhaps the time has come to understand …

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