The Story of a miracle: Sergey Sanka


This is almost extraterrestrial sang with all the "Kuru-shchabyaturu" and behaved exactly as a comrade. At Artisan he came almost from its beginning in 1980, and participated in it until its end in 1985. Sergei Sanka with its recent history in today's show "Dawn."

Representatives of the ancient ethnic groups

Sanka"I'm in my first year was a good white. A began to turn gray, probably in the fifth grade. I am very worried about it. Flaunts even. And then threw it away. Let it be. When read in Herodotus, that somewhere near our the edges of the living people that stood out the fact that people from childhood were all gray. Well, okay! representative of the ancient indigenous ethnic group of antique.

I can say lucky. Because when I enrolled at the Department of Physics in 1980, in my group had a younger Zaprudskaya, Igor. Well, we lived on potatoes with Igor in the same house. And before I was interested in the history of Belarus. And we somehow naturally to him immediately pasyabrylisya. And somewhere in there under the Haystack snoozing, talked about different interesting things for us.

And so it happened that suddenly among physicists, who, of course, no sign of smoke about such things, there are two people who form a small group. Later physicists since joined Miklashevich Igor. And with Zaprudskaya we were together for a month, closer, well acquainted. And having arrived in Minsk, when classes started already made such a brazen move. We decided to visit Karatkevich.

Karatkevich and SF

We felt that this is reason enough — I'm from Orsha and Karatkevich Orshanets. Visit countryman — this is normal. Came from. He suffered very badly at the time. Lying in bed. We've been there maybe an hour. Karatkevich somehow revived. When I learned that we physicists began to incite us to engaged in the creation of the Belarusian science fiction genre in literature. Of course struck by the fact that he pitched this Belamor literally every three minutes. One by one, one by one. This is despite the fact that he was lying in bed. It's 1980, October.

And then we decided to make our curator pazaklyasnae reading. Anything on the history of Belarus. I made a small paper about Simon weekdays and Zaprudskaya of Scorina. And we're a little bit so our audience tried padavestsi. And then Igor and says, did you know that there is a Craftsman? He says I have a brother studying for Philology, people are going there, learns songs out there says, it's interesting. Let's go. Well, let's go. Well, let's go. And so I began to visit the Artisan.

Naturally, I loved it. Struck by the very environment. Of course, I'm there as a physicist was the black sheep, there were mostly artists, with philology, and journalists. "

White crow

Dubovets: White Crow Sergei was on the faculty: a physicist among lyricists, lyricist among physicists. Arina Vecherka then studied at the nearby mehmatse.

Arina Vyachorka. Photo by Artem limit.

Arina"I studied at the Mechanics and Mathematics Department and was friends with the physicists. And I figured out what I would do lectures. Well, what can attract physicists, mathematicians? Give them the information from the history and culture of Belarus. Community I created a" race "and made an appointment physicists and mathematicians from Juho on the history of the Statute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, has invited well-known historian of jurisprudence. This meeting came Miklashevich Igor, Sergei Sanko, Nina Volcheck. We released the paper "The Chase". Hanged on mehmatse, then hung at the Physics Department. This was 1981 . Sanka immediately came to the mechanic, was delighted and was immediately turned into an asset. "

Dubovets: A Study in the physics department was given to Sergei easily, so teachers have forgiven him missing lectures. And in the meantime, he was sitting in the library, "Leninists" and became interested in philosophy. An unknown force drew him to gumanistyki, which would be his last choice in life.

Sanka"In parallel, became interested in philosophy, including ancient Greek and Indian. On the one hand — the physics, was primarily interested in astrafizykay and cosmology, on the other hand — interest in popular astronomy began to appear in mythology, and she finally got the upper hand. Physics I almost did not been doing. "

Dubovets: Field of interests affected by the circle of acquaintances. Sergei spent the most time with no sukursnikami, and the History Department, with the philosophers.

MINSK party

Sanka"At that time, with historians, we have already begun to engage in the political history and even thought through the options for the opposition political party. This question we then discussed with the backroom Vintsuk with Germenchuk. Then I'm pretty seriously dug into shtudyyavanne Marxist classics, all the" Capital "prashtudyyavav, especially Marksavy early philosophical manuscripts, works on criticism of the Hegelian Philosophy of Right. There are passages about the bureaucracy, and yet it is the stagnation of the Brezhnev. They just beat all to the point.

The classes of astronomical circle that led to Sergei Sanka plyanetaryi Minsk, 1984.

Shreds of the historians were Minchenko, he works as director of the school in the Love district, and Nick Novikov, he Gomel and opposition parties took part, it seems, and the deputies of the city council was. Then Kasia Kamotskaya. This is the wheel. I became acquainted with the philosophy, so was he dead, merchants Sergei. Through him, with Kamotskaya met.

In parallel Bobkov met. We went for a coffee with Kupcov regularly. Opposite the main supermarket. Now there are some pizza. And then the cafe "Neman" seems to be. There was a normal cafe and there is an interesting bartender working. We are already in his regulars were coming, as usual, took 50 grams of cognac, coffee, and he was doing us a normal coffee. Sometimes joined also hear that there is a reasonable we talked. And there is Bobkov walked with one Lithuanian, who studied the philosophy department. Viktoras. They then fanatela from Heidegger and from Zen Buddhism. Well, we already Kupcov contrary, wrapped in a purely Belarusian affairs.

Minsk get-together, and it was wide, and at the same time, some kind of chamber. As a small social worlds that are now studying psychology, where at least one person through each one knows. The village is in the village, this large village in Minsk. And so it remains. With a few years of not seeing each other, and then bang, suddenly met somewhere — oh! "

Christmas wings

Dubovets: When Sergei recalled how he formed a circle of acquaintances, we are interrupted by a call. Called Todor Kashkurevich. And after the interaction lasted about him already.

Sanka"Then a year later, sometime in 1986, we met with Todor. But what's interesting. We met for coffee at the cafe rounds of ritual sites in the city -" under the clock, "the central supermarket," pyartsovka "and. .. endless conversations about everything. S
o we talked to Todor about everything, not just talking about what they do in secret, each in himself — the mythology and history of Belarus, but in this way, where we are now, say , are engaged. And a very funny thing happened. We had a mutual friend Igor Bobkov. And after one of the meetings we were standing at the bus stop Bobkov and something different every talked about. I'm a little bit, a few points about his vision Krivsk concerns voiced. And he says to me, you know, I've heard that before. I say, how could you hear it, when I still had not told anyone that. And I said, I heard, you know this Kashkurevich? I say, of course, I know. Well from him, and I heard.

The classes of astronomical circle in Minsk plyanetaryi, 1984.

And then we just met with Todor. I told him the story. We took some good bottle of wine, went to his studio in the center, while she was on the Revolutionary and started to figure out that we all think about it. As it turned out, we think quite synchronously and in parallel. And then we started. Then came the name of the center etnokosmologii — Wing. Have become new people join. It began in 1988 and continues. But it was the impetus came from the Artisan because both Todor same, although he was not involved in the Artisan itself, but it was the same artistic medium, which is partly in the Artisan been submitted. Genyk Marinkina …

Social circle is constantly expanding. Friendly company is going to have sushi, the Kamotskii, the Vintsuk, then somewhere else.

Figure Sergei Kryshtapovich on pasyadezhnni Belarusian Science and Humanities Society (BNGT), November 1992.

And then in a short time we paskanchali their universities, began restructuring and informal movements. On the one hand any Cleanup, Locals. On the other hand formed BNGT, Belarusian scientific and humanitarian society where we are with Gennady Saganovich and near converged and became very active work. This is 1988. Series was: BNGT, Martyrology of Belarus, this campaign to create new forms of association. "

Dubovets: If you list all the diversified union, which somehow gave impetus Artisan, you get a hefty list. And if you add another individual creators that have taken place in the culture and influenced the process of national renewal, and you can make a book.

But what happened — in plain sight. And here's where they came from all these people and how they were formed such, not dissolved in the course of human — this information is usually left undisclosed, because each had their way, their outcome.


Sanka"My father at one corner, mother — of a completely opposite. Father Western Polessye of Malorita region. This south-western edge of Belarus. How many miles there and Ukraine have already begun.'s Mother on the other end, the north-east, Dubrovno area. There can literally fifteen kilometers, and Smolensk region.

My father was a railroad worker. He graduated from an active career as chief engineer distance signaling connection — so called. This arrow, traffic lights, everything. And by the way there I also managed to work electrician year bond. A mother worked in film. "

Dubovets: Like the family nothing is promised Sergei way of life, he went to … When he talks about his evolution, it seems to me many friends. In the 1970s, a whole generation of young people in Belarus has suddenly appeared in passionary field. In this generation, the system has lost its drawing power of influence. They are not so afraid or so fanatically believed as precursors. But they had not been so confused in front of an uncertain future, as the followers. None of the boys had not yet questioned the eternity of the contribution that entrenched around, and that means their next day was clear. Repressive machinery of a totalitarian society also acted and predictable rules of the game seemed unshakable. In a word, formed by their comfort in order to be able to think, just to think without thinking, without fear, without self-control and samagipnozu. In other words, in the 1970s, the system is completely lost its influence on what is happening in the minds of teenagers. Perhaps, therefore, and there was a workman at a time when it arises.

In the regional travelers will Stavpechchyne, November 1980.

Sanka"Somewhere in the first grade, I begged my sister, so she bought me a textbook of astronomy. And I sat there, this textbook for 10th grade reading. Then also a very early interest in ethnography was. Through books about Indians. In the fourth -heels classes we have our own team was. We played the Indians. carefully wrote out the words of Native American books, they learn a carefully, making hats turkey feathers. then there was an interest in archeology. We began to explore the Orsha.

The first thing we did — found a … Nowhere is not written, where the convent. In books written, that was a printing house was, and where? .. And so we kind of winter small group of my friends, classmates gathered and went to look. Go-go, questioning, questioning. Someone suggested that surely somewhere in the region of flax. Boarded the bus arrived there. Indeed, we are already there rather zaryentavalisya. There certainly was a warehouse of some sort. Some fleet. Fuel oil was in the monastery. It was Sunday. The people were not there, only the caretaker. We pull out of making sure that we are members of the Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture (same brand purchased). And my grandfather, who was guarding, we begin to fill in what we would like to examine the object. My grandfather listened, listened and revealed to us this warehouse. We all looked at it carefully in blyaknotsikah recorded what they saw.

Well, we found this monastery. And the first time you noticed that there is clearly vaults and tunnels. This itself grandfather told us that there are several underground passages. One goes where at that time was part of the missile. Were not allowed into the forest at all. There are the ruins of the monastery of the Dormition. And the second was allegedly under the Dnieper and out in the settlement, where the castle stood Orsha. And somewhere else.

We noticed where these moves and prepared. Usually I was the ringleader, I have a "motor" was. Typed flashlights, candles, food supply (and suddenly cover everything), a long rope, so as not to get lost. And there came also, when there was no one there. And they went to one of these moves.

At the burial ground near m Babinovichi Liozna district, August 1981.

So it all melds — an interest in Native American Ethnography and etnalegii at all, to the archeology and history of specific Orsha … A physicist is in all these my interests a little something and accidentally. I was interested in, and sat at home with a soldering iron. The receivers are prymityvnenkiya shares. Well, was a circle in our school. Radyeamatarski. Physics teacher led. And so began the seventh grade physics. And somehow in the school competition I took first place. The following year, somehow it turned out that the first place in the school, in the city, in an area well and sent to the republic. And since I do man is deceived, and I got carried away. And if so at the end of the question arose, where to go, well, of course — BSU, Department of Physics.

To avoid workman probably would have turn
ed out much differently. Most of all, I would still zaparalelivsya in philosophy as it has already succeeded in the first courses. But the Belarusian coloring all this only gave Craftsman. "

On indalyagichnay conference in Almaty in November 2009.

LAST Kupalye

DubovetsSergey Sanka — witness the latest masterfully shares — Kupalu 1985 at home Kolas in Nikolaev.

Sanka"It basically is the end of Artisan as a workman, it is 1985, the beginning of perestroika, in Midsummer Kolasa, if the raid was. There I was, Kamotskaya, our wives, Catherine and my wife tied, Ivashkevicha, a pair of left some unfamiliar, We even suspect that it may be some snitches, is some unfamiliar guys were. This 1985 th. Just in May, it seems, Gorbachev publishes alco-decree and as nothing could incriminate, was recently charged with drunk collective on nature. course there for a hundred grams of the night was drunk, but because no one was drunk. Especially in the fresh air and skakavshy all night.

But they brought in the columns to the department. Came a colonel of the Minsk KGB man. We sat and agreed Kamotskaya written explanation. How did we get that for the symbols … But, of course, they are primarily interested in is not it. They were looking for dirt on Vintsuk on Sokolov-Voyusha. Sergey was working there at the museum, naturally grazed him. He was charged specifically pasechtsy forest. We then tried to collect the dry trees on fire, but still accused of that. Then he went from there.

A trip on a step-stone, in November 2007. Cprava from Sergey Volodin etnakulturolyag Tatiana.

But we pretended Kamotskaya hoses and instead write in specific questions posed, I started to pour the water about the symbolism of this ancient mythology … In short, a treatise written. Of course, this is all the cops were not interested. And before another agreement. Ivashkevich said, guys, I'm working man, I still do not do anything, I have nothing to lose but its chains, so say I invited you. And I will send them. Well, we wrote that he invited Viktor Ivashkevich for a traditional celebration. Associated with the solstice, a moment in nature …

There were moments of tension when the cops wanted by Catherine and my wife to push. Supposedly leads them into separate offices. We immediately told his wife pregnant. It was almost as though on terms. And the cops have calmed down. Did not touch them, but we were asked to Ales. Probably held for up to eight hours of the morning. A raid was about the fourth hour. And they sent away. "

Dubovets: List of associations and cultural characters who come from an artisan, could make a hefty book. But also many new things for the then Belarus and direction were also born there.

Sanka"Even such an example. Now preparing the third edition of the dictionary of the Belarusian mythology. At this time, the editors and I Tatiana Volodin. Dictionary greatly expanded. But the impetus came from the course work Sakalava-Voyusha, where he gave a list of mythological characters. Some impetus came from this. Later I was to do it regularly, and continue to do.

The last five years I have been working at the Institute of Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences in groups preparing shastsitomnaga Publishing Stories of philosophical and political thought of Belarus. Mostly it has to deal with the Institute. But in the rest of the time — and this is my Todor Kashkurevich child — center etnokosmologii wings. Which can be considered as Craftsman and Brainchild.

At the presentation of the almanac "Druvis", January 2009. Sergei Sanko Deynyus Razavskas, Alex Dermant, Todor Kashkurevich.

I'm not sure if there was Artisan, my personal fate would have been the way he folded and molded. Well, I am a physicist would deal with, like all of physics. Perhaps, as many of my friends who have settled somewhere in Germany or Canada. But I went to a different track. "

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