The Tale of the Frog Princess. The wisdom of the ancient Slavs in Tale

Once Upon a Time in the World, the White King, without whose head really bad, and the queen, which is called Wisdom Sophia and the Golden realm of consciousness dwells, where the actual head is located. And did they have three sons — the thought of how to live life to do, and even three sons — three of the human mind, and thus the family as a whole, Koya essence one large organism: the eldest son — are the embodiment of the golden realm of consciousness, where wise Sofia rules, but also where, if not fret — stupid lives, the middle son — represents the average realm of consciousness — copper, where virgin offense ruled, and the youngest — silver kingdom, to whom pain control. And contrived to marry the king and queen's sons — each of them in his kingdom rules integrity for himself and his family found a total. Find a wife — the life of the self start, find your soul mate — integrity acquire.

Gave them into the hand on the bow — the intention, but hardened by the arrow — will-will and sent to the open field — the field of pure consciousness. Brothers turned in different directions, so let arrows — their fate tortured, seek happiness. A hit-ka boom eldest son — thought the first — in a mansion boyar (more brightness — a place where Xph lives) — the wisdom of not sleeping yarnaya her strength, movement needs. Boom middle son got on the merchant's yard (Kup — swimming — font — there is water, that feeling is the sun-crowned Kupala EDEN) to calm down, to govern feelings, resentment must pacify the sun of truth to light. A boom Jr. flew far away from the eyes disappeared, found herself in the thick forest. And Ivan the fool went to look for his arrow, his fate cherished.
How long will he briefly went, but came across the marsh standing where thoughts are not flowing and not swim, and stand on the alert, from lack of rotting stink-sleeping life waiting to show by example how to sleep through life, and without movement rot -stink, during the life of the corpse to become. Suddenly saw in the middle of the swamp frog sitting-wah, but his arrow in the mouth keeps. Their skin is green, wrinkled — beauty-and then no, did not. Ivan wanted to run away without looking back, and suddenly says frog human voice:
— Hold on John, do not run away, and take this with a minute you have a wife.
Nothing to do, because I wanted to — I found, since no thought to it, it is not what you get. Pain when you are right, then the world is you your pain and get along. That's the pain Ivan went — the pain and found. Ivan took the frog, wrapped in a handkerchief, but carried home. A frog that was not easy, and Vasilisa Koshcheev enchanted — it came to him from the Nurse nanny Baba Yaga Bone feet, but not by chance, but in the service, mind, intellect understanding. Invited her to become his wife Koschei — refused Vasilisa — did not see that Koschey not itself offer, and discover their kostnost offers (bone — kosch — koschna — treasury — wealth in development). Did not see this Vasilisa for its beauty — that turned her into a frog Koschey thirty-three years — in the beauty of the frog not — yes sent to the swamp, where the forces of the past are, mudranie do — to think so gain wisdom. A friend gave the mask, not to think about the beauty of Basil, and the water looked the past, move forward learned, the gifts of the gods in wealth, not to turn the treasury.
Ivan came home, and there too, the brothers and their wives before the priest but my mother standing, his hunting appear, asking blessings. Ivan stands shy, hiding her pain. Then his wife came the turn of the future seemed, his hunting story to tell. Ivan embarrassed handkerchief before all triggers, frog shows. Folk wonders only the queen to the king did not hesitate. But that is what the king and queen, to be wise — that they check at other times, the ancestors of the koi are starting up hunting young — how much they are willing to create a family, to live fret, but to create a world, each other heal. So says the king:
— Come my dear snoshenki, Koya dexterous of you will, but in the morning I weave rug. Go on, let things take over.
King asked a simple matter — a tricky, it is not just carpet woven in one night is necessary, and the fate of life-to show how to build it so the youth will get along. After the carpet — it wise — the Cove-ming m-and p-and the great.
Ivan came home, sat down, his head hung. Sits darker clouds over the world and resentful. Frog tells him:
— Do not grieve, Ivan, sleep on it, get down to bed-in the morning we'll see.
The sun is gone, the moon came up, hit the frog on the floor, took off the skin and appeared before the eyes of the star Vasilisa. She sat by the window, took out of the fog had created the camp, but the thread lunar star handed, but began to weave a carpet, stars in his frequent weave — aspiration to heaven but the star of divine wisdom proved. And as the sun rises has become — the work was finished, the frog skin pulled, so hit against the ground — again in the frog turnover. Ivan woke up, took the carpet, but the priest went. And there really are older brothers, and the king-father is sitting on a throne.
— Well, dear children, shows that the daughter had done, — said the king.
Unrolled carpet eldest son:
— Well, the carpet in the hallway bed, wipe his feet going.
That was not an insult, but the honor is not small, because the hall — a place in front of the upper room, the entrance to her entrance into the world of his holding, through the entry into the world of the evil of the family can get — there Cove Guardian ep needed, evil is not allowed. This ability should oberezh create. Wife that oberezh creates, wisdom worthy family protected.
Showed carpet middle son:
— But this — the stables — horses will wipe cover yes.
The senses were alive, they need agility, that offense did not occur, but the house is not for the benefit of its rules can be sent — playfulness action customized creations.
Unrolled carpet youngest son, and there are frequent star dance lead, month among heaven runs, sun is shining.
— Well, carpet — all carpets carpet! In the upper room on holidays such hang!
This carpet of the universe depicted — the way of the soul to heaven like a light. So he will be guests at the feast of the gods in the way Vyry reminded to follow the path of the soul unto call. What else you need to izbyt pain — the great destiny of the soul recall.
— Now let-ka nevestushki his shirt in the morning I will make, let's see how this time will manage.
Shirt thing special — her husband to create — to show themselves, their desire to develop the family stated. Father-shirt to create — knowledge about the kind of show how the time to get it, to understand the roots of the development of the genus continuing gathered.
Ivan came home again, his head hung, and his frog again:
— Ivan Lay to rest, sleep on it.
The sun is gone, the moon came up, hit the frog on the floor, took off the skin and appeared before the eyes of the star Vasilisa. Took the mist — web cutting, cold dew collected — linen bleached web rolled up — threads spryala, paint with colors assembled night. And as the sun has come up — shirt really was ready, and the frog turned into Vasilisa again. Ivan woke up, picked up the package with a jacket, but the priest went. And there really are older brothers, and the king-father is sitting on a throne.
King opened the shirt eldest son:
— Well, good — will wear hunting.
Hunting — agility of mind and soul expanse. For wisdom worthy of revival.
King opened the shirt bride middle son made:
— And this after a bath will wear.
In order to insult izbyt best to go to the bath. Not only man in the bath cleared — from all kinds of dirt washed off there.
King opened the shirt embroidered bride's youngest son, and there is a tree at the hem swaying, frisky horses on sleeves dance, some of the stars on the collar crumble:
— But this only on holidays to put on, to surprise people!
This pattern shirt is not just family tree shows, but the king of the family, his sons shows, and has the desire — not just the king of the land to become, and to the gods in the heavens, the stars rise.
— And now let bake a loaf in the morning.
Loaf — the food is not simple, but the ritual, it is the food of the gods, as her bride bake such Gods and UIS will eat food.
Ivan came home — more than ever hung his head. A frog and asks:
— That Ivan is not happy, his head hung? The king-father hath put forth,?
Ivan told her the request by king-priest, and the frog said:
— Ivan Lay to rest, sleep on it.
The sun is gone, the moon came up, hit the frog on the floor, took off the skin and appeared before the eyes of the star Vasilisa. She took the flower pollen, milk Milky Way, the stars clear — in the tub all kneaded, loaf had created. The sun rose — Vasilisa again turned into a frog. Ivan woke up — took the parcel with the caravan, but his father went.
King opened the loaf bride's eldest son:
— This caravan is in a year of famine.
And that reason was clean, sometimes the stomach in hunger to keep right. No wonder they say: "To the well-fed belly — teaching deaf."
King opened the loaf bride middle son:
— These uninvited guests to entertain.
Intruder eating bitterness — to take offense, and you try to cause offense to a single soul not burn. Heal amount of resentment you want — do not swallow the pill, will be a pain to look for — the soul to heal yourself and others. Offense to anyone tasting — in order to recover and you can.
King opened the loaf's youngest son, and a temple to seek makoglavye up, yes Gardens towers loom:
— Well, the only on holidays to eat!
Pain reigns in our world, and in any home and if you know how to recognize it in time but to learn from it so the body clean, any house of the palace seem.
— Well, dear children, you show yourself, destiny found myself liking tomorrow feast and immediately play all three weddings.
Ivan came home — hung his head, he thinks, as a feast to the frog to go, how to get married to her. The pain in his heart was burning — he saw the works of his bride's beauty of her soul — sorry. And the frog says:
— Go-ka Ivan tomorrow to the banquet one, and as you hear the sound of thunder but — do not be frightened and guests say — that my frog in korobchonke rides.
The day was attended by guests, the table is set, and that's come for the princes with their brides, only one came Ivan, sad. Suddenly we heard the sound of everything but the thunder — the guests are scared, under the benches and tables hiding. And Ivan and says:

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— Do not worry, good people, my frog in korobchonke rides.
Chambers arrives at the royal golden carriage drawn by white horses, gold wrapped in blankets. And out of her beauty — not to describe the feast, not a fairy tale to tell and goes to Ivan, bows low, right hand gives.
— What are you, Ivan, take his bride by the hand, lead to his parents, ask for blessing anoint his wife, Ali, you do not remember the promise made when I was in the swamp and found his arrow.
Ivan was delighted that the restriction was a beautiful woman, and took her by the hand, led to her parents, seated at the table. Feast is hilarious, people buzzing — the holiday goes: Young-styled praise, life teaches. And Ivan sits Duma thinks — pain in it old itching, hunting is — you want to have a beautiful wife of Ivan, not a frog. Meanwhile, the king announces tanok — young women dancing causes. Came the princes wife young — beauty prove hunting Tsarevich-husbands awaken. Came Vasilisa, was tanok lead, left sleeve waved — a lake in the middle of rooms formed, waved her right sleeve — white swans swam across the lake. Flaunts Vasilisa, forgetting that beauty is not necessary to create harmony and wisdom. And Ivan meanwhile ran home, grabbed the frog's skin, but in the oven tossed — the skin and then burned. Vasilisa ran home, threw herself under the bench, where the frog skin left — and no skin, looks, and she's in the oven burns.
— What have you done, Ivan, just three days are up to the end of my life left, and I would be thine, and now, look for me in the realm of Koschei the Deathless.
Bumped vortex, whirled Vasilisa, she turned gray cuckoo, and carried her whirlwind. Ivan remained one all by himself. Tighter, he confessed to his father and mother, but went Vasilisa search, extract it from captivity.
How long will briefly go his way — to the border kingdoms reached. Looks — is a hut on chicken legs, rear wood darkens in the house fire is burning.
— Teddy Bear, Teddy bear, to me before, and his back to the forest, — says Ivan.
Turned hut, and then a voice:
— Who's this little house turned, woke me up. Chu, the Russian spirit smells! Goy do you, my good fellow?
— Feed, drink, warm up in the bath, and then the young man, old, ask — is responsible Yaga Ivan.
And she lived in the little house on the border worlds Baba Yaga — Priestess wise woman broadcasting, Koya to live to the foolish fellows for wisdom to send, your fate to look, the way they suggest. So old and she became great — so called wise.
Volhvinya fed him with food is not of this world, so it was easier to cross the border was Ivan worlds, drink water not alive or dead in the bath warm up, wounded soul healed from the pain, the spirit drove away, but back then vozvernula. After questioned about everything — where to go, what you want, why are you going. Ivan told her what he had done, that the bride is his look — to extract, from captivity disembarrass. Opened the witch that the hard way in the kingdom he will Koschei Immortal that gold stores — guards, the gods did not give grace. Reigns in the realm of rock real estate, yes kosch inevitable. And to death izbyt, should get the death Koschei and his death in the needle, and the needle in the egg, the egg in a duck, and a duck in the hare and rabbit in a crystal casket and the casket on the oak, and oak on the island of Buyan sea on okiyane . Ivan got up in the morning, began to gather in the street, and the Baba Yaga in the way he gave the ball. Ball is not easy — the magic, guiding. Thanks yaginyu Ivan, the road went.
How long will he briefly walked three shoe wear, three dresses tore deep into the worlds navy went. Just sat down to rest — lo and behold — the bear is, the gate closes. Ivan pulled Teteven, so bear with man's voice said:
— Do not destroy me, John, I'll be of use.
Ivan did not shoot the bear — understood — not just a bear, and he volohaty Velez, the keeper of the gates of the Underworld.
Ivan went farther. Tired, tired, hungry — see — a hare sitting. Drew his bow, I bow to pull, but pleaded hare human voice:
— Do not destroy me, John, I'll be of use.
Ivan let the hare. Realized that not only was it a rabbit, and Moon Guard, the keeper of the sun Navi that sense-vedanie helps reveal human intuition to return.
Ivan was long, three kingdoms passed three boots obliterated three dresses worn out, three of the world waking defeated. Sees — duck swims, I pull the string, but said drake human voice:
— Do not destroy me, John, I'll be of use.
Let Ivan drake. Guessed wiser in the way that it is not easy drake it was — and he Rhode keeper, waking world solvent. This is the duck that at the beginning of the world dived into the sea, the land of the island of Buyan from the bottom get. It helps the seed of a dream to get, a generic memory awaken.
Shel-was Ivan, the Government entered into the kingdom. Sees on the shore pike beats. Pleaded pike human voice:
— Let go of me, John, in the water, I'll be of use.
Ivan pike released into the water. Understood — not just something pike — Rod is unmanifested, the world is at currently holds the whole world bears. It helps to know everything yourself, from the quantities in itself does not run, to the very beginning itself come.
Rolling ball rolling, so to teremu Koschei rolled. The sun is high — at the Zlata Koschey asleep. Ivan sees — Vasilisa the window sits, thought thinks. Ivan called to her and asked:
— Nevestushka my dear, that you sit sadness, Ali with white light to forgive? Do not grieve — here I am, your fiance, Prince Ivan.
— Zdrav be, my good fellow, a hearty friend Ivan! How did you get here?
— I went through three kingdoms Navneet, three kingdoms explicit got on under heaven, and seven pairs of boots worn out, seven clothing torn, so eager to see you, so you want to find, rescue from captivity.
— How do we run away from here, Ivan?
— I know where death Koshcheeva stored, but how to get there — I do not know.
— Bury, Ivan, the sun set, the soon Koschey back, I had about his death and evoked.
There was a knock yes thunder flashed in the sky and landed in the yard of the three serpent heads. Ivan only managed to dive into the mug. Snake struck against the ground and turned to Koschei Immortal. Scrag bones rattling the gates navy stores, a world ruled by the dead, gold knows that wealth is not, and has turned into koschnu. He teaches by example as a corpse in my life to be, in the movement to stop, this is not the wealth of the gods buried, and let the matter — not the rich who have the Treasury Chambers, who is rich, who is wealth in the case admits, develops itself.
— Chu, I feel Russian spirit smells here!
— Fancied you Kascheyushka itself over Russia swoop, the spirit of the plucked, that feels to you — tells him Vasilisa the Wise.
Vigilance Kashchei it lulls, but spells beauty envelops. It puts the table, the conversation leads — past experience attracts wise for her Kashchei calls. So in conversation, but the conversation evoked Vasilisa as death Kashchei find how to pass the island of Buyan. How to conceive morning the sun rose — Koschei flew, and Ivan went on the road.
How long will briefly walked Ivan came to the sea, he sees — the island of Buyan. Not easy is the island — from the beginning of time is worth. And on the island that oak stands — top heavens back, the world is holding back his underwear, its trunk is between the heavens and the Government Reveal rest. And the oak tree on the chains hanging crystal casket. Wide oak, powerful — not embrace it, not knocking him.
Suddenly, out of nowhere Velez bear. Oak legs hugged, rocked, but pulled it from the back, down the top of the head down, pulled up roots. Collapsed chest — split, a hare ran out, how simmered. Ivan did not have time to look like a rabbit caught lunar hare, foot hit, but the duck flew out of it. Flying duck, rises above heaven. Lo and behold, soars skyward drake, duck catching that, it breaks the beak, and then the egg is falling in most Okian-sea! Zakruchinilsya Ivan — the egg from the bottom to get it. Lo and behold, a splash in the sea pike. Pike dive in the sea, egg battered, Ivan returned.
Ivan is not just the egg broke, took out the needle — to re-create the world: the world of post-oak bear Velez turned — time to re-started, the hare hare defeated — Sun Moon but again gave birth, duck drake caught — the world anew conceive, pike-Rod took the egg — the universe conceiving again. That's not just death Koschei on the needle — the death of the old world and the new beginning for him, where God does not keep the treasury, and wealth creates, where beauty is not just for show shines — the world and get on God and law.
Ivan the Fool needle broke — and the world Koscheyu old death sent. Light re-conceived, and the island of Buyan nascent world anew. And it was Ivan's no fool, and the prince, Basil is not just beautiful, and the Wise.
Ivan could not let the fear of pain on the road izbyt, old redraw itself, Vasilisa at Koschei apprenticed was sitting in a swamp — from past experience to extract naumela. And then the road is not far — close to his parents in the house, the king and queen bow. In the works but through the efforts of John and Basil found himself, by a steel family were called, and what you wished.
I was one of their feast — learn to reason but to the mind as the pain and pride izbyt, has not forgotten to yourself go, to create the world, the family get along.

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