The U.S. military satellite launched on Russian engine

Tonight rocket "Atlas-V" was launched from Cape Canaveral with the satellite SBIRS GEO-2. Why am I writing about this in the "Made in us"? As you know, on the Atlas-V for many years, used domestic RD-180 engine. And a U.S. military satellite, with the emblem of pretentious mission bald eagles and inscriptions "US Air Force":

which will follow the launch of a ballistic missile, launched on the Russian engine. For clarity, the irony of such a situation, offer it to mentally flip: imagine that today launched satellite "eye" on the rocket "Soyuz-2.1V" engine RS-25 (Space Shuttle), purchased in the United States. Imagine the "analytical" articles that ponapishut our specialists such as "I am a philologist, not rocket scientist" Latynina. Imagine the hysteria on the Internet! I vividly imagine such a picture, I get a few minutes of healthy laughter. And what you want.

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