Thorny emigration Sergei Napreenki

In the Czech branch of Amnesty International today confirmed to us that the case until Napreenki unique and only when the president canceled the deportation of an alien from the country. Lawyer Napreenki about the reasons why the Belarusian does not want to go home.

As reported yesterday, Radio Liberty, Belarusian citizen Sergei Napreenka received a presidential pardon Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus, that its decision overturned two of the deportation. An important factor here was the position of defenders.

Catherine Shaldava, Press secretary of the Czech branch of Amnesty International:

"From the point of view of Amnesty International's important that people who are seeking asylum, or those that do not get asylum, were not vyartanyya to countries where they face human rights violations. This is the case of Belarus, unfortunately, can not be excluded. Therefore, we the solution to the case of Mr Napreenki so that he did not threaten punishment upon return to their homeland. We welcome pardon, which he paid Mr. President Klaus. "

Defended the interests of Sergei Napreenki Czech lawyer from Gradets Kralove Rust Shpelda. According to the lawyer, Napreenku now 38 years old, he was born in Mogilev. In 1996-97, as noted in the case, Napreenka participated in the opposition demonstrations, handing out leaflets, detained several times. During one of the arrests was beaten, he heard the threat that he could "disappear" and decided to leave their homeland. So he ended up in the Czech Republic.

Why Czech authorities did not initially give Napreenku political asylum? In counsel's view, then, at the end of the nineties, the Czech Justice did not consider that a return to his homeland he is a serious threat. So Napreenku had to experience all aspects of an illegal status: fear of the police, detention, again asked for asylum, refugee camp, denial, appeal … Counsel argues that the court of second instance once stood on the side of Napreenki and decided to send his case for review, but the fact the decision had been no one to deliver: Napreenka was forced to change the address …

Every time they arrest, he again applied for asylum, again to no avail: the long life of the illegal per se Czechs perceived very negatively. Two of the deportation Napreenku pushed to the decision of suicide. Saved the police psychologists.

Counsel further Jiri Shpelda:

"Because those judgments about his vydvarenne remained in effect, he was placed under arrest, where he spent four months while preparing for his deportation to Belarus. Finally, it was already known and the flight of aircraft, which it will be taken to Belarus, but at the last Minute intervened Court Human Rights, which very quickly made a preliminary decision that banned the Czech Republic to deport an alien in Belarus. "

I asked the lawyer whether in such circumstances presidential pardon Claus just trying to save face the Czech Republic?

Rust Shpelda:

"I think his decision, Mr. President revealed for what this institution exists pardon. Indeed, if the courts have to stick to the letter of the law, the president has the ability to see with human eyes. I think the reason he overturned those verdicts."

According to his lawyer, Sergei Napreenku now waiting for another procedure to obtain official permission to stay in the Czech Republic. In one of his last letters to Sergei's mother wrote that the interrogation took my brother and it's better not returned.



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