Those at the top, can not take bribes

Mrs."Yes, but increases or decreases corruption, I do not know. So when people sit there, "top", they can not take bribes, and everything else. "

Mr."Corruption can, and have, but it takes a very small percentage in our structures."

Mrs."I think it is, but our president is struggling with this. And I think that in the future it will win. "

Mr."Normal is at a good level of corruption!"

Mrs."I think that overall, probably from the CIS countries Belarus corruption."

Mr."She is unbeatable as the mafia. Spontaneously strangle her a little can. A corrupt group strangle the other, and then repeat the steps again. "

Mr."When I was working, I saw it. Now I'm retired, I especially do not see corruption. But it probably has more. And we must begin with the officials do not learn from them. "

Mr.'The Government corruption! Who sits in power, he is corrupt. "

Mr."Independent sources tell of dozens of criminal cases against officials, including the Financial Investigations Department of the National Audit Office and many others."

Mrs."Corruption we do not: we order everywhere!"

Mr."Of course, there is — in the areas of power by the police. It's a nightmare! "


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