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October 29, 2011 23:29

Thyme or thyme — a plant with a strong flavor. Photo:

Thyme has many, including local names, among which the most famous thyme. Also called the herb of the Theotokos (the day of the Assumption of the Virgin Orthodox decorated thyme Mother of God). In ancient Greece, thyme called incense and it was used by the priests during their komlany, divination. Wreath of thyme was a symbol of fertility.

Later, the tradition of the ancient Greeks pokomlat intercepted European magicians and sorcerers, Slavic witch doctors. Thyme gave the properties to protect against damage, evil spirits and other evil spirits. Both living and dead (the body of the deceased in a coffin, in some regions of the Caucasus draped thyme). As during bodrstovovaniya (sewn in amulets) and during sleep (the pillow). Used thyme in the love magii.No us is more important than healing properties.

In many Russian provinces thyme recognized as a universal cure almost everything. Its action is due to its composition of essential oil, tannins, organic acids. Ancient and modern magicians thyme fascinated precisely by their essential oils, are on sale now at any pharmacy. By the way, this oil has antiseptic? and relaxing effect.

In folk and official medicine thyme found the most diverse applications. Thyme — great germicide, in addition, it has also anticonvulsant, sedative, analgesic, wound healing and anthelmintic activity. There are traces of thyme and vitamins. But it is very important that the sage has no contraindications, unlike most plants, such as the same St. John's wort, which can take a long time (alkaloids can harm the liver). Thyme is no substitute for the treatment of respiratory system. On it was written not just the famous inventor Vladimir Frolov, the author of a unique technique and unique simulator.

Thyme is part of the charges applied in the treatment of bronchial asthma, tuberculosis, acute and chronic respiratory diseases, bronchitis, cough, neuralgia, various neuroses, as a diuretic and antihypertensive agent, influenza, insomnia, inflammation of the kidneys and bladder, intestinal parasitic diseases and many other diseases.

For treatment and prevention of male diseases, including prostate, impotence, then I would recommend the following:

— regularly as a tea to drink in the infusion, which includes thyme. For example, 1 table spoon of oregano, 1 table spoon of mint, 3-4 tablespoons of thyme. Fall asleep in a thermos. Pour boiling water over all. Keep drinking the night the next day. In addition to periodically change the ingredients thyme add rose, St. John's wort, linden, etc. This taught me a grandmother. We drank tea in the morning and evening, and during the day some infusion in that included thyme.

— Baths with thyme. Boil thyme, can other herbs. And have filtered into the tub. Sit, lie down, enjoy. If a little thyme, take on a basin.

— Rubbing oil of thyme in the crotch area, other points. Stimulates acupressure points stimulates the internal energy. Butter can be prepared yourself. For this herb thyme pour deodorized vegetable oil (if you have money, you can olive oil) and let the infused month. In general, the greater the cost, the better. Filtering, when we take the next portion. You can certainly get and pure? essential oil of thyme. But one must use something like moonshine. Raw smaller, soluble in water, distilled.

— Eat thyme in food. This is a peculiar relish. Good with fish and meat dishes. Useful men, as contained zinc Thyme has a positive effect on sexual function.

— Keep thyme indoors, where you are, especially sleep. Volatile substances contained in the essential oil has antiseptic and tonic action. Because of this, many disease-causing microbes are destroyed, and the dream is much healthier. If it is necessary to strengthen the cathartic effect of thyme, then the allocation of essential herb thyme ignited particles were doing at the time the priests of ancient Greece. True specific smell.

And do not forget that the raw material is ground part of the plant, which is collected during flowering.

Dmitry Protasov

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