Time Machine vanished village of Sumy region

August 15, 2012 19:07

In the village of Malaya Bugayka ghost (the "disappeared" in the 1950s) once full of life for the coordinates 50 ° 32 '57.12 "C and 33 ° 34` 49.83 "B (Sumy region). Today it exists like a cemetery, which is situated in the center of the field. Painting mystical.

Experiment during the expedition to Little Bugaevka on 05/23/2012. Mechanical watches in Romny. Number 1 — standard chronometer, № 2 — on the hand, № 3, 4, 5 — were in the anomalous zone of 3 hours 20 minutes (photo V.Litovki)

But do not bother passers ghosts and unexplained time shifts. Today the territory of the former village turned into a real hronoanomalnuyu zone. Here there are unexplained phenomena associated with non-uniform over time. Researchers of anomalous phenomena periodically inspect the area, but the questions remain unanswered.

It all began with a simple observation: the visiting quickly "discharged" battery photos and video, or spontaneously glohli were coupled tractor (plowing the surrounding fields), cows nearby villages around this place is always a party … But the most amazing thing is the arrow on the mechanical clock is always running away forward, reminding that you are not quite the usual place.

Minor Bugaevka in place today, only the old cemetery, surrounded by endless fields around.

Researcher hronoanomalnoy zone Litovka Vladimir last dropped in a zone literally these days:

— August 11, 2012 at 14.05 local time was hronoanomalnoy zone. Within 5 minutes of lying on the surface of the mechanical clock hands moved forward immediately to 7 minutes and an hour — 10. I came home at 21.45 — already at 30 minutes compared with the clock on the hand. Junk phone all the time, although the tower was a telephone operator in the area of visual surveillance. Such are the wonders …

Oddities in the area — not the fruit of a sick imagination of his contemporaries. Miracles — a characteristic feature of the Little Bugaevka. Are stories by the inhabitants of the village, witnesses of the phenomenon, which today can be described by the word poltergeist.

It is said that once in the individual houses of the village were heard clear human voice that came out of nowhere, or attics. Most were threats and extortion to demand a refund for the debts (indicates a small amount). Speaker to be seen. Romny of soldiers were called for night duty. The soldiers fired into the space where the voice, but "he" kept telling her.

Later people began to gradually move out to neighboring villages in two districts. Distance between 2 to 5 km. All of the modern villages have witnesses, and those who remember these events by paraphrases old. Since then the village emptied completely!

— We regularly carry out an expedition to the area — said V.V.Litovka. — In September, experts here also come from Kiev, two TV stations promised to come to your technical and devices, so that the observation and study of the hronoanomalnoy area will continue.

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