To attract any medical word Lukashenko of insurance medicine?


Tsigankov: Should be considered as today's pre-election statements Lukashenko on changes in the system of payment for health care and the possible introduction of health insurance? Why to doctors and teachers (who recently raised the salary), the head of state is most attentive?

Martinovic: It is clear that doctors and teachers to do certain calculation in the sense that they often come to the election commission. Basically, everything that is done in Belarus for six months before the election, the campaign of Alexander Lukashenko.

Perhaps the President thought that comes to meet physicians, among which there are supposedly waiting for medical insurance. But it seems to me, that's not entirely true. I think understanding among physicians that the transition to insurance medicine to increase their salaries, not very much. Rather, such a judgment is at the liberal economists.

Obviously, doctors and teachers to do certain calculation in the sense that they often come to the election commission.

Therefore, these words Lukashenko is described as follows: he understands that the medicine is going through a major crisis. Times of free healthcare — in the past, so we need to offer a way out. Elections — this time talk about the future. As part of a conversation about the future of Lukashenko and suggested on insurance medicine, a proposal which does not suit him at all, and not typical.

TsigankovWhich social groups and strata of the population to be covered by Lukashenko? Who else was left uncovered by his attention?

Martinovic: I would not say that all doctors will vote for Lukashenko because he had met with some doctors in Borovlyany. I would not say that the youth immediately decided to vote for Lukashenko after he held a meeting with young people last week. Therefore, we should not talk about, with whom he will meet, and what steps he needs to do to win over a certain group …

TsigankovMilitary, businessmen, bureaucrats?

Martinovic: For all prepared some steps. For entrepreneurs preparing directive on liberalization, under which will be meeting and any promises. Under the military is also preparing something. Although, if you just list all of those professions that need to come to terms with Lukashenko, the list would be too long.

However, it must be said that without the resolution of the situation in the power department, with no work with the police to Lukashenko is not very safe to approach these elections.


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