To Bulgaria and Turkey hit a record snowfall

In Bulgaria came frost and snow. On slippery roads — many accidents and huge traffic jams. Several mountain passes are no longer available for drivers. On the Black Sea coast of the country there was a strong wind and a multimeter waves. Streets littered with fallen trees, not coped with the bad weather and power lines.
In Bulgaria, died from exposure elderly Roma who went into the forest to harvest wood in the mountain range Stranzha. Emergency blocked the movement of trains. 115 people are locked in only one of the compounds, buyout resulted from Plodiva in Rousse. Ports of Varna and Balchik is also closed due to bad weather. In some Bulgarian regions due to the weather canceled classes in schools.
A similar pattern in neighboring Romania. In a major port city of Constanta flooded streets. Go to the embankment was dangerous, not to mention going out to sea.
Record rainfall fell in Turkey. In Istanbul flooded entire neighborhoods, and the north-eastern provinces of the country was covered with snow. In Bursa, is paralyzed traffic. In some parts of Turkey, snow fell 25 cm layer, the temperature dropped to two degrees below zero. Before snowdrifts was powerless even snowplows.

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