Today the prices of meat, yesterday — gasoline, and tomorrow?

From Wednesday in the shops and markets become more expensive meat: beef, on average — 10 percent, pork — 8. Also now become expensive imported drugs. In addition, from May 25, increased the cost of international travel by rail. On the planned increase in tariffs announced mobile operators. How people react to it?


Products and services are not available

At the Central Market grocery in Brest buyers complain that the prices are rising continuously. The townspeople are not afraid to express outrage.

Valentina says that sometimes even 10 minutes can make these changes all the time changing price tags.

"I took on vinegar from a private vendor. It cost me 5,000 rubles. But exactly 10 minutes, my friend went to a private trader and saw that the price is 6000 rubles. It's just awful. I realize now that these policies are carried out. Everyone is on the brink of survival. "

Brest residents are convinced that the situation does not improve by itself. The improvements in the current system can not be expected from the market trader says Ivan:

"If we do not continue to produce quality goods, if it continues to not be self-produced, then we eat the bread with a fork. All will be removed at our wages and prices. Among other things, the system is constructed in such a way that we used to get, not to make money. But those who work and have a month 600-700 thousand rubles — they earn. And who is 10-20 million, and works in public office — receive. The system should be changed. "

Drug prices are not available to me.

The rise in prices, the lack of currency — the main topics of conversation citizens. The prices of food products rose to 13,000 rubles per kilogram. Imported medicines in pharmacies grew by almost 50%. If food is almost impossible to save, then the citizens of medicine say that even here there is no question about the economy. It is simply not available, says Natalia L.:

"I need medication to make prateziravanne. But if we talk about the price of it, they just sky-high for me. It's beyond my means. I do not know just what to do, I'm desperate. It seems to me that soon the patience of the Belarusians just burst. There will be a similar situation in other countries, where it was ousted leadership. It's impossible to exist in such huge prices and such meager wages. "


Price lists will change and tomorrow

Residents of Mogilev rise in meat products is not surprising. For non-stop rising prices people have become accustomed, though indignant.

Not all of Mogilev shops prices for meat products is now increased. At least, so said the head of one of them, referring to his colleagues. According to traders, at her shop price tags are going to change tomorrow:

"Well, I've heard of 7-8 percent will purchase. I do not think that more than eight per cent more expensive. The people have just plucked. Now, thank God, can already stabilized everything. Let's hope so, "- said the head of the store in one of the sleeping areas.

Meanwhile, visitors to the store tell a different story.

Reporter"They say that as of today has risen to 10.8 per cent of the meat?".

Ms. elderly"In the twenty — beef, you are mistaken. A pork — by ten. How to count all, it is very important. Now think of how to live. "

They apparently believe that the old people meat is no longer available.

Reporter"Will you deny yourself some meat flavor?".

Mrs."Of course. It's understandable. Believe, apparently, that the old people and the meat is already forbidden. "

Rise in price of meat products a significant impact on family budgets of young families. That is one of the characteristic views.

"Well, it will seriously affect our future lives. Today, prices of meat. Yesterday — gasoline. More tomorrow. This is serious. "

Even though prices of meat, some meat products on the shelves still do not.

"Smoking is not there, and I do not eat other meat. Today I have from my daughter came from Moscow. Stayed there. I'm shocked. Right now they got the peas and corn. Ten thousand tin. She was four thousand. This is insanity. I believe that all this is done on purpose to all snapped up. Warehouses same rich products. Now raspradaduts all. The state will have money, and people — not "- outraged elderly people.

Chicken was found in a nearby store. Young shopper reported that its price is increased by four thousand rubles.

As for the hype around the import of medicines, it is not. According aptekarak, however, significantly increased the demand for imported medicines for chronically ill people. These drugs are very expensive, but that does not stop people. Acquire such drugs packages. Revenue, said the chemist, has increased significantly.

Grodno region

Prices ran unsuccessfully in a gallop

Opinions of visitors of the Firm "Neman".

Mrs."We bought sugar, so you can cook cooking in the summer. Prices will rise until zravnayutstsa with prices abroad. While not cease to export due to the fact that the prices are lower. Take out the cigarette, Poland has already taken out the sugar. It's our own fault. And we need to raise wages. "

We, Belarusians — the most patient people!

Mr."So what to do? All my life still does not have bought, the more I retired. Let prices rise, and what to do? Nothing from me depends, we have the "father" of ours which we should be concerned about. "

Mr."For a long time nothing will buy."

Mr."I do not know yet, buy something or not. Not because they already have and grow, well, a little bit. "

Mr."I come from Poland. You have half the price. For one dollar you can buy more than we do. We have to have a beer, you need to have two dollars, two dollars to pay for a liter of petrol. "

Mrs."I plan so that something somewhere to buy. Because to live on a pension should in some way, but how? So in some ways to limit yourself. Here's to you, the nation must survive, be healthy. And how will it sound? Unreal. And then, I say, what we are patient people of Belarus! All the while thinking, would have access to the president, I would certainly have made and would say — Pension're not growing, and prices are rising, do not have any control? I shop and look — all prices are rising. It's horrible. Now I was a woman, she says — how we live on a pension? She just went, I retired a long time. A man who worked just could not imagine — how to live and pay the rent. I'm looking "Russia", "Belarus" and I think, no, we are the most patient people. All of us — God is with him, but the war would not be. And once this explosion is that, God forbid. "



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