Training units of the Republic of Kazakhstan Topol and Yars will be tested on combat patrol routes

Training units of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Topol" and "Yars" will be tested on combat patrol routesAs the website said the Ministry of Defense, military units and units of the Strategic Missile Forces, completing teamwork training in groups up and running and divisions have begun to step control checks.

In March and April, the missile RF connections are command post exercises under the commander of the joint tactical exercises and pass the missile regiments under the control of commanders.

At the moment missile battalions and regiments PGRK "Topol-M", "Topol", "Yars", located in the central regions, the Urals and Siberia, fulfill tasks on combat duty on the routes combat patrol. For example, in missile Teykovskogo compound. stationed in the Ivanovo region, in the process of teaching the emphasis is made on the training of test drugs in use PGRK "yars", also check technical condition of machines with a long presence in the field criteria.

This year, the performance of combat duty is characterized by increasing the term of the soldiers on the routes combat patrol.

In winter, the Strategic Missile Forces planned more than 100 training events. The main effort in battle training aimed at increasing the practical orientation of the activities that will ensure the maintenance battle training of drugs. Additionally introduced brand-new form of occupation: a practical occupation to bring in readiness. These classes are held every month at all joints and military units.

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