Treatment of burns — the most expensive medical service

Affected by the explosion on "Pinskdrev" are treated in burn centers in Minsk and regional cities of Belarus. Doctors claim that burns — extremely difficult and dangerous injury, and the treatment of burns — the most expensive health care services.

In the burn center hospital emergency room in Minsk are now slightly affected pinchan, but exactly how much and what kind of condition, the doctor on duty does not report:

"Of course, we have them, and quite a lot. All will survive, not all? That no one will say — what the doctor wants his patient died? And the fact that the patient is heavy, that he may die, you may die, of course, . "

Only from fires in Belarus annually kill about one thousand people, 30-40 of them — children. Medical care due to burns drawn about 30,000 people. Die each year from burns about 300 people, said Professor Belarusian Academy of Postgraduate Education Jacob purses:

The most susceptible to burns and hard to bear children.

"The most susceptible to burns and hard to bear children. Grown men — also depending on age: young people suffer more serious burns easily, and middle-aged people — more difficult. It is also known that the flame burns very often destroys the airways, which is very dangerous. In our practice, it happened that adgarali arms, legs, burn through the joints. Here is a more complicated and difficult to fight for the lives of these patients. "

Many of the injured are treated in specialized burn burn centers, which in Belarus 7 — in all regional cities and one hundred beds in Minsk. All these centers have special equipment for the treatment of certain conditions. But even specialized care in Belarus is lagging behind the developed technologies of the world and even Russia.

Purses, "Do not compare our Terms and medical staffs do not compare. There are patients with severe burns on healing system: one patient — one doctor, one nurse, one nurse — around the clock. As for us — six people on the doctor-resuscitation, and 10 people on the surgeon. Treatment of severe burns must occur in sterile environment, but this issue is not completely resolved in the country. So it burns — it is a serious medical and social problem. "

According to Jacob purses, treatment of severe burns is extremely costly to the health service globally, including Belarus. In the United States one day treat such a patient is 3000 dollars, in Belarus — a few hundred.


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