Trees will not be able to recover after freezing rain

Moscow authorities say the work of public services, as is the current road conditions, satisfactory. This was announced at a meeting of the Government Commission on Transport and Communications, Sergei Sobyanin. According to him, over the weekend because of ice fell about 5,000 trees. It seems that this freezing rain will have serious consequences for the environment. Just how serious they are, "Vesti FM" learned a practitioner ecocenter "Park Kuzminki" Svetlana Sinegaevoy.

"Vesti FM" Svetlana, hello!

Sinegaeva: Hello!

"Vesti FM": Do you have figures for the city, how many trees did not survive this natural disaster?

Sinegaeva: The numbers are the same as you, because they are the official information. Although even in our park we see that if the tree had not fallen, the trees affected much because they just can not stand frost, huge branches break off and fall to the ground.

"Vesti FM": If a tree does not fall, but the strong tilt, then what will happen to him?

Sinegaeva: Of course, this greatly weaken the tree, given that the summer was low, and now. Really huge branch falling, and it turns out that there is one bare trunk. This greatly weaken the tree, and it just can not recover from such damage.

"Vesti FM" Svetlana, and how often this is the icing on the trees? And on a tree gets rid of this heavy weight?

Sinegaeva: I can remember the first time such that so much iced. Thin ice crust before and after, but that so much, so much, in my opinion, this is the first time. Wood, of course, of course to get rid of it can not, it all depends on the weather. Once warmer, ice crust begins to melt, and the trees that are left, they will survive. And those who failed — it will be difficult.

"Vesti FM" Svetlana, but it's not only the trees are suffering, has alarmed environmentalists, they offer to feed the birds that depend directly on the trees. Trees iced over, many foods are available.

Sinegaeva: Yes, the birds can not even remaining seeds that many birds feed and collect. They are now available to them. Therefore, if there is such a possibility, it is necessary to feed the birds, so they have gone through these difficult conditions.

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