Triangular UFO began to attack the New Savinovskij area round — Gorky Park

October 24, 2012 19:15

It's no secret that Kazan is becoming more popular among the tourists. However, the "third capital" involves not only the Russians and foreigners — are increasingly Kazan notice unexpected visits "extraterrestrial visitors."

More often than not on the non-contact communication with the inhabitants of other planets tell people Novo Savinovsky and Volga regions. These areas and entered a regular rating portal

"Triangular" UFO on the block

Some time ago, witnesses told of new unidentified triangular objects — they are lucky enough to see the inhabitants of the New Savinovsky district.

First triangular UFO appeared in Kazan in July this year in the house number 69 on the street Chuikov. Eyewitnesses saw a dark object in the sky, which was flying at a high altitude in a circle. Clearly visible "marker" lights on the edges. Later, "migrant" seen in Yoshkar-Ola and Almetyevsk.

"Aliens" are sending greetings to people of light center

Another place the appearance of "Aliens" — the center of Kazan. For example, a recent resident of the city said that he saw a UFO in Gorky Park — a favorite vacation spot of many citizens.

— In the cloudless sky floated a huge ball, a little less than half of the month. He is the light and flew up and down — says an eyewitness. — There was an impression that it is a huge burning bright flame aeronautic ball. In the end, he then quietly disappeared in the sky, as if melted …

UFO seen this year, and right at the Kremlin. True, luminous objects in front of surprised people quickly disappeared from sight.

"Fireballs" on the Hill

Witnessed an unusual incident became residents of the houses on the street Dubravnaya. In the evening, while walking, they saw about 10 fireballs, hovering above the houses.

— They have for some time that the "stuck", occasionally shaking, and then gradually began to fly with considerable speed — said city resident Oksana. -This is not likely to be a satellite, or other "star" objects because last night was cloudy.

But the representatives of science more "down to earth" view of this phenomenon:

— If we take into account the fact that Dubravnaya located near the Kazan airport, we can assume that it could be a plane coming in to land or take off, — the teacher of the Institute of Physics CFI Maxim Gainullin.

Mystery or "fact of life"?

If you still reject scientific explanations and to believe in the existence of "other reason" why UFOs appear only in certain areas of Kazan?

— Generally, binding to a specific location at a UFO there, — the head of the Kazan branch of the organization "Kosmopoisk" Maria Petrova. — But they are likely to see the people of New Savinovsky area, azines, and the center of the city — that is the most densely populated areas. Usually look like a UFO moving erratically in the sky, stars, which differ from the aircraft and other such familiar objects.

By the way, the exact location of extraterrestrial visitors is difficult to determine, the expert says: because they can be seen from several streets. And for unidentified "aircraft" often take the lights and power line construction cranes, climbing frame in insects and light patches, and the popular Chinese lanterns. Every year, year ufologists reject the dozens of similar "evidence", leaving only a few really inexplicable facts.

Opinion TV star

Life sometimes mysterious and enigmatic, and sometimes mystical events occur, after which the most ardent skeptic believe in supernatural phenomena. One of them told the host of the popular program "Subject" on TV "Ether" — Sergey Sherstnev:

— Because the program is the "Subject" is a unique teleploschadkoy where the interview comes as the first face of the city and the inhabitants, not just a question was raised about the supernatural and unexplainable events. Studio guests have repeatedly reported seeing a UFO, poltergeist cases, movement of things and strange sounds. To prove to the studio brings video and photos, confirming an unusual phenomenon. In one case, the team decided to program his own investigation. The staff went to the house where there was a poltergeist. Despite the fact that the reporters did not reveal the presence of otherworldly forces tenants confirmed that the building was questionable and there are strange things. In a more detailed study of the history of the building, it became clear that his time here killed a man.

Despite the fact that the unidentified objects and mysterious poltergeist I do not believe in life are sometimes symbolic situations that precede the course of fate. So, at the age of 8 years old, I predicted that I would work on TV. Suffering in childhood sleepwalking, being under a trance, I told my parents that, "I want to see the city." Many years later, when he began to work in the news program "City" is a phrase that is quite justified its symbolism.

All the time the strange and unexplained phenomena evoked great interest in people. This series of programs dedicated to the "Mystery of the World with Anna Chapman." Once the program on Thursday, leading viewers to tell the story of the mysterious ghost train, which does not adhere to the schedule, does not stop at the station and does not take passengers. He appears out of nowhere to be going nowhere.

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