Every Russian man for once in your life but have heard the phrase "ABCs." But does everyone understand exactly what it means? On the one hand there is nothing incomprehensible here. Truisms — that means the most simple, is as simple as the truths that a person learns of the alphabet, ie in theory, from the first book in his life. But what is this truth, such that you can read in the alphabet? Like the letter alone. A — sounds as well, i.e. as the beginning of the word watermelon. B — the first letter of the word hippopotamus (see here). And so on. Are these notes draw on the truth?

On the one hand it feels right, all right. But a loud word of truth, call it all together — the language somehow does not turn. That is one side. On the other hand, the first alphabet was created a long time ago, long before the appearance of the Cyrillic alphabet. In those days, not everyone knew who he was and why behemoth carries around a watermelon. Moreover, we can safely assume that in the habitat of the Slavs and their ancestors for the hippo and never heard. But, even if one of them and knew (assuming, in extreme cases, and so on), it is unlikely that hippos were placed in the front ranks of the fact that people should always remember to live a long and happy life. But the knowledge that people really need, that they — it is desirable to obtain from an early age to catch not only recognize but also successfully applied in practice. What were these knowledge-truth? Now, after many thousands of years, for sure — is difficult. But we can assume one or the other option, and then choose the best one. Because it depends on us whether our children to comprehend the basics, or the first thing they read will be something to like: "Behemoth Watermelon is, eat like Behemoth."

So, there are many interpretations of the concept of truisms. For example, this: "ABC know and say good" (example). Or mention the first Slavic poem — Alphabetic Prayer. (Ex. But that's why the Slavs protection from Pharaoh to ask? And the first Slavic poetry — these are texts of folk songs). Some authors emphasize the fact that it is easier to remember as ABC. Others believe that the main task was to capture in ABC Foundations of Life. Personally, I'm more inclined toward the latter, though the former has a right to exist. The most important — is to remember that they are not mutually exclusive, but rather complement and enrich each other. So it seems more true in both of them, than each alone.

Next, I will give just one of the possible options of truisms. Other options for the inquisitive reader will find himself.
Az God VEDA Glagol Welcome There Zhivot exceedingly Earth Begotten Kako People Myslete Our Peace On Rtsy word Firmly Uk Fert Her Sha Hi (shta) Qi worm (b, b) r Youth YAT.
Zelo — adv. churches. old. very, very, hard, hard, painful, is hefty; much. | Noun. cf. The eighth letter of the name of the Church of the alphabet, see land. Zelny, strong, generous, great, strong, to a large extent, on a large scale. Zelno adv. abundant, very much, very much, as used. and still literate. (Dal.)
Zhivot — life.
Ilk — 1. which (Dahl, Ephraim) 2. Always.
Uk — the basis of knowledge of the doctrine. Cf. science, learning, skill practice.
Fert — one of the options — fertilize, fertile.
Her — the divine, the given above. Cf. it. Herr (Mr. God), Greek. "Jerome," (divine), Eng. hero (hero), as well as the Russian name of God — Horse.
Qi — the energy.
The worm — dark red, red (possibly blood).
R — the original energy, space-time, cf. Ra — the divine light era — the era.
Youth — jar, light. Cf. clear.
Yat — the personal pronoun. Relates more to the outer part compared to Az. That is, if Az — that's my nature, I will — this is the essence of my symptoms. Cf. accept, withdraw.

Thus, the last part of the ABC can be conventionally understood about this:
knowledge will give birth to the time that the energy of the blood of the space light my (your?, whose? …).

Prior to Cyril and Methodius Slavic alphabet was 49 letters. But two of them represent sounds that are not used in the Greek language — and these letters are abolished. And then just lost weight Slavic Alphabet:
Originally Slavic Alphabet looked like this:
Az Gods Vdi of verbs Welcome There Am Zhivot exceedingly Earth Begotten Izhei Init Hervey Kako People Myslte On Nash rests Rtsy Slov Tvrdo Uk Oak Fert Her ot Chrrvl Sha Qi Er shta ery Eph Yun Yat apb Edo Om Yen Od Ota Xi Eta Psi Fita Izhitsa Iža

And now this:
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y u b s b W Y Z

ABC information is lost, its imagery. If and further continues, ABC will be quite ugly.

Few people know, but the spread of the ABC, cropped Cyril and Methodius to the Slavs were other kinds of writing: Glagolitic alphabet, letter, Runica, features and cuts. Writing Etruscans — Rome teachers — read only on the assumption that the Etruscans — Slavs. (About the features and details, see cuts of Grinevitch). But all this does not say in school, and generally do not talk about, like, and there was nothing worthy of the Slavs to Christianity, to the end of the first millennium AD. Why is this happening? Because the people, the culture that borrows from the neighbors — it's not the people — it's a colonial appendage that can be used to your advantage. But if the country is 7515 years from the Creation to the Star Temple (2007 AD), if a resident of this country knows that the sound of his language can be written in four different ways, he has, for example, the idea of education reform the model of the country with three centuries of history, in which the language is borrowed — can cause one to smile.

Sources: Jaroslaw Kessler. "ABC: the message to the Slavs", the film "Game Gods. Act 5." Production: JACQUES Sergei Stryzhak (you can download c; Sergey Alekseev

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