Tungurahua volcano wakes up

The sudden release of ash was reported yesterday from the crater of the volcano Tungurahua, located in the heart of the Andes mountain range in Ecuador, reports rusecuador.ru. Up to this point the last four months of the Colossus, 5016 meters above sea level, in a state of relative calm, as reported by specialists of the National Geophysical Institute (IG). The phenomenon was reported on Wednesday night, the release of a cloud of gas and ash reached a three-kilometer height from the crater. By the wind, the cloud headed for the south-west of the mountain, there was a fall of ash in populated areas and Choglontus Cahuaji. Currently, the seismic activity in the Tungurahua significantly decreased. But experts IG report contains a warning about the possibility of a new rise of the volcanic activity is not excluded new eruption, the strength which is comparable to what was reported in May of last year.

Since October 1999, the volcano Tungurahua, located 135 km south of the capital of Ecuador, supports internal seismic activity of varying intensity in the last few months is considered low, low-amplitude vibrations.

The eruption of Tungurahua Volcano May 28, 2010


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