Tutanhomon killed in plane crash

September 13, 2012 13:19

German scientists have a new theory of the death of pharaoh Tutanhomona, reports "Rosbalt".
 Germans decided not to agree with their Egyptian counterparts, who insist that the king died of malaria. German specialists claim that the ancient Egyptian ruler was predisposed to contracting malaria

German scientists under the guidance of a specialist in tropical medicine Bernhard Nocht clarify that Tutanhomon could easily communicate with the malaria parasite. And even found in the DNA of the pathogen of the pharaoh of this tropical disease does not prove that malaria was the main reason Sweep ruler. Scientists point out that malaria kills mostly children under the age of 9 years. A Tutanhomon could conceivably live up to 18-19 years.

Furthermore Nocht notes that Pharaoh showed signs of necrosis of bone of the foot. What is a typical complication of hereditary diseases — sickle cell anemia. Patients with this disease have an increased resistance to malaria. Which again proves the impossibility of death of the ruler of this tropical disease.

Thus, if Tutankhamun did suffer sickle cell disease, his death from malaria in adults was extremely unlikely, it is believed by German scientists.

In turn, historian William Deutsch proposed one of the most unlikely causes of death Tutanhomona. He believes that the king was killed in a plane crash.

Deutsch insists that at that time the ancient Egyptians already able to move through the air. They even had primitive gliders, which they depicted in drawings and murals.

Historian even presented evidence — a small wooden bird, which is clearly reminiscent of an aircraft.

Experts have studied in detail the discovery of the historian, and found that the ratio of the parameters of wooden construction and modern aircraft are the same. And during a wind tunnel test a small wooden model of the ancient Egyptians could fly.

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